Brightwood Shutters

Experience the Elegance and Value of Brightwood Shutters

When it comes to timber shutters, Norman’s Brightwood Shutters offer an exceptional blend of elegance, quality, and affordability. Designed to incorporate the best features of our renowned Woodlore and Normandy shutters, Brightwood Shutters provide a premium window furnishing solution that fits within your budget. At Norman, we understand the importance of both style and functionality, and Brightwood Shutters deliver on both fronts with their innovative design and superior craftsmanship.

Innovative Design and Premium Materials

Brightwood Shutters feature an EcoSmart wood composite frame combined with premium hardwood panels. This unique hybrid construction ensures that these shutters are not only beautiful but also incredibly durable. The use of premium hardwood panels allows for wider and sleeker designs, enhancing the modern aesthetic of your home. The EcoSmart frame is environmentally friendly, reflecting Norman’s commitment to sustainability without compromising on quality.

Customisation at Its Finest

Customisation is at the heart of Brightwood Shutters. With an extensive palette of premium paint colours and a variety of hardware selections, you can create the perfect shutter to match your home’s decor. Brightwood’s ability to accommodate a wide range of window shapes and sizes makes it an ideal choice for any room. Whether you have large window expanses, sliding patio doors, or unique window shapes, Brightwood Shutters can be tailored to meet your specific design needs.

Enhanced Functionality with EasyTilt

One of the standout features of Brightwood Shutters is the EasyTilt system. This embedded gear and pinion mechanism allows for seamless louver tilting without the need for a traditional tilt rod, resulting in a more streamlined and modern appearance. Traditional hidden tilt systems use a bar fastened by screws, which can loosen over time and lead to uneven closure and light leakage. EasyTilt, however, eliminates these issues by providing precise control and stability without the need for extra screws or fasteners. This ensures your shutters maintain their integrity and functionality year after year because they are made to last.

Versatility and Wide Applications

Brightwood Shutters are designed to meet the demands of modern living. With the capability to build each panel to our highest maximum dimensions, these shutters are perfect for a variety of applications, including large windows, sliding patio doors, and innovative indoor-outdoor solutions. The wide panels not only enhance the sleek and streamlined look of your room but also provide unobstructed views to the outside, enhancing both the aesthetic and comfort of your home.

Affordability Without Compromise

While Brightwood Shutters offer a premium look and feel, they are also incredibly affordable. By combining the best aspects of Woodlore and Normandy shutters, we have created a product that delivers exceptional value without compromising on quality. The cost-effective nature of Brightwood Shutters makes them accessible to a wider audience, allowing more homeowners to experience the benefits of high-quality timber shutters. Brightwood Shutters from Norman offer a perfect blend of style, functionality, and affordability. With their innovative design, premium materials, and extensive customisation options, these shutters are an excellent choice for any home. Whether you’re looking to enhance the elegance of your living space or find a durable solution for large windows and patio doors, Brightwood Shutters provide the perfect solution. Experience the superior craftsmanship and value of Brightwood Shutters and discover why Norman is the leader in window furnishings.