Faux wood SmartPrivacy Blinds

Enhance Your Home with SmartPrivacy Venetian Blinds

When it comes to window treatments that offer both style and functionality, Norman’s SmartPrivacy Venetian Blinds stand out as the ultimate choice. These blinds, available in both faux wood and real wood options, are designed to provide exceptional light control, privacy, and durability. With their innovative features and elegant design, SmartPrivacy Venetian Blinds are the perfect addition to any home.

Faux Wood Blinds: Durable and Stylish

Our faux wood SmartPrivacy Venetian Blinds represent the finest in light control and privacy. These blinds feature the exclusive pivoting bottom rail combined with our award-winning patented SmartPrivacy technology, making them the best blinds on the market. Faux wood blinds offer the luxurious look of real wood while being durable, easy to maintain, and budget-friendly. Their ability to withstand warping, cracking, and fading makes them ideal for high-humidity areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

Enhanced Privacy and Light Control

Traditional window blinds have route holes in the middle of the slats, allowing light to penetrate and reducing privacy. With SmartPrivacy technology, the route holes are placed at the back of the slat, minimising light leakage and enhancing privacy. This innovative design ensures that the blinds close more tightly, and the slats rotate more consistently, providing a whole new level of refinement and comfort.

Cordless Safety and Convenience

SmartPrivacy Venetian Blinds offer a cordless lift system that eliminates the dangerous tangle of cords, providing superior safety and convenience. This system is certified “Best for Kids,” making it a perfect choice for homes with pets and small children. The cordless operation allows you to lift the blinds easily by simply tapping or pulling, offering a clean and sophisticated look that complements any aesthetic.

Real Wood Blinds: Natural Beauty and Charm

For those who prefer an authentic, natural aesthetic, our real wood SmartPrivacy Venetian Blinds offer unique grain patterns that add charm and a personal touch to any room. While real wood blinds provide unparalleled natural beauty, they can be susceptible to warping in high-moisture environments. In contrast, faux wood blinds crafted from premium composite and PVC materials offer greater durability and moisture resistance, making them a practical and stylish alternative.

Innovative Features and Customisation

SmartPrivacy Venetian Blinds are loaded with innovative features that enhance their functionality and appeal: oTightest Closure: The exclusive bottom rail pivots 90 degrees when closed, resulting in the tightest top-to-bottom closure in the market. oValance-Free Headrail: The impact-resistant, modern, valance-free polydeco headrail is both attractive and trouble-free. It offers a slim profile for wider views and fits into most trims. oBuilt-In Light Block: The top slat is fully recessed, eliminating any upper light leakage and the need for a valance. oCordless Lift System: This system offers flawless daily operation, is easy to raise and lower, and stays level with no slat shift. oSafety First: Our proprietary formulation is lightweight, durable, and lead-free, ensuring the safety of your home.
The perfect choice for homeowners seeking the finest in light control, privacy, and style. With their innovative design, cordless safety features, and a wide range of customisation options, these blinds provide an elegant and practical solution for any room. Experience the superior functionality and timeless beauty of SmartPrivacy Venetian Blinds and transform your living space with style and comfort.