Woodlore Shutters

The World’s Best Selling Shutter. Woodlore.

When it comes to premium window furnishings, Woodlore Shutters stand out as the epitome of quality, durability, and environmental responsibility. At Norman, we pride ourselves on offering products that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but also meet the highest safety and sustainability standards. Woodlore Shutters are a testament to this commitment, combining innovative materials and advanced manufacturing processes to deliver shutters that are both beautiful and built to last.

Unmatched Durability and Safety

Woodlore Shutters are crafted using an eco-friendly wood composite, making them one of the most sustainable choices available on the market. This wood composite is coated with a patented medical-grade polypropylene, which significantly enhances the shutters’ safety and durability. Unlike traditional wooden shutters, Woodlore Shutters are designed to withstand extreme conditions without compromising their structural integrity. They can endure temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius, ensuring they won’t sag or warp when exposed to intense window heat. This makes them an ideal choice for any environment, from humid bathrooms to sun-drenched living rooms.

Superior Quality at Unbeatable Value

There’s a reason why Woodlore Shutters are the world’s best-selling shutters. They offer industry-topping quality at a value that is hard to beat. Furnished with incredible density and strength, these shutters are built to last a lifetime. Their solid wood composite core ensures they resist cupping and warping, providing a tight closure and smooth operation over the years. Additionally, Woodlore Shutters are equipped with UV inhibitors that protect against colour fading and yellowing, maintaining their pristine appearance even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. The patented polypropylene coating also resists staining, ensuring long-term performance and easy maintenance.

EasyTilt Technology for Modern Aesthetics

One of the standout features of Woodlore Shutters is the EasyTilt system, an embedded gear and pinion mechanism that enables seamless louver tilting without the need for a traditional tilt rod. This results in a more streamlined and modern appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your windows. Unlike traditional hidden tilt systems that rely on a bar fastened by screws—which can loosen over time and lead to uneven closure and light as you can see here—EasyTilt offers precise control and stability. This advanced technology eliminates the need for extra screws or fasteners, which can rattle, rust, bend, break, or scuff over time, ensuring your shutters maintain their integrity and appearance year after year.

Engineered for Stability and Longevity

A well-crafted shutter closes solidly, does not have unsightly gaps, and stays that way year in and year out. To accomplish this, each part of the Woodlore Shutter is engineered for stability and resistance to twisting and bowing. Our unique engineered stiles involve bonding multiple layers of wood together with pressure, heat, and polymer, creating a robust support system for the shutters. This proprietary process imparts an intense level of stability and structural integrity to the cores, ensuring your shutters remain functional and beautiful for years to come.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

At Norman, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s a core philosophy. Woodlore Shutters exemplify our commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing. The wood composite used in these shutters is made from rapid-growth trees, enabling tree replenishment at an accelerated rate. Remarkably, up to 95% of every tree is utilized in the production process, resulting in very little waste. Moreover, the wood composite is completely biodegradable, making Woodlore Shutters a much greener option compared to other building materials. This eco-friendly approach not only reduces environmental impact but also ensures that our products are safe for your family and the planet.
Woodlore Shutters are not only functional but also versatile and stylish, making them the perfect addition to any home. Their classic design and superior finish complement a wide range of interior styles, from traditional to contemporary. Whether you’re looking to enhance the elegance of your living room, add privacy to your bedroom, or improve the energy efficiency of your home, Woodlore Shutters are the ideal solution. Their exceptional performance and timeless appeal make them a favourite among homeowners and design professionals. Woodlore Shutters from Norman are the ultimate choice for those seeking a perfect blend of quality, safety, and sustainability. With their unparalleled durability, superior craftsmanship, and eco-friendly materials, these shutters set the standard for excellence in the industry. Choose Woodlore Shutters for your home and experience the difference that comes with the world’s best-selling shutters. Explore our range today and discover why Norman is the leader in window furnishings.