Portrait Honeycomb Special Options


Experience enhanced safety, less light leakage and more streamlined profile. The award-winning system adjusts from the top and bottom and has no cords in the middle., When closed, SmartFit fabric stack creates a smaller footprint for a more enjoyable view.

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The proprietary technology makes daily lowering almost effortless, especially on larger windows. With a single pull, the shade “releases” and glides to a closed position automatically – smoothly, quietly and effortlessly.

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Light Guard

Specifically designed to block incoming light that escapes off the sides of the window opening and to provide insulating protection at the margins. The innovative light block achieves maximum window coverage from edge to edge.

Colours include: Black, Chocolate, Cloud Cream, Day Light, Silver, Warm Sand

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Featuring a sleek and elegant wood frame (to mount inside or outside the window reveal) plus a SmartFit honeycomb shade. This is a great solution for rectangular windows or french doors. Decoflex shade offers top down/bottom-up adjustment while its frame provides light and privacy control on all 4 sides.

Decoflex frame colours are the same as Normandy shutter program  colors. They include: Pure White, Extra White, Silk White, Bright White, Pearl, Ivory Lace, Creamy, Crisp Linen, Butter, String, Moondust, Sea Mist, Hall Gray, Ice, Chai, Stone Gray, Brown Gray, Clay, Decorators White, Sky Gray, Element Gray, Storm Gray, Dawn, Cloud Blue, Taupe Gray, Classic Black, Winchester White 2010, Rustic Gray, Weathered Teak, Limed White, Pebble, Natural, Golden Oak, Goldenrod, Dark Teak, Cordovan, New Ebony, Black Walnut, Red Oak, Rich Walnut, Old Teak, Wenge, Auburn, Matte Black, Pretzel, Sumatra, Toffee, Diftwood, Silver Gray, Mist, Fresh Oak

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Day & Night Shades

Two shades in one – choose two fabrics for the ultimate in looks and light control versatility.

Horizontal Honeycomb Day & Night

Morning time. Nap time. Entertaining time. The Day & Night Shade gives you more light control and privacy options to help set the mood and make everyday moment magical, and every night.

day night norman australia honeycomb shades

Patio Door Vertical Day & Night Shade

The Day & Night shades give you more light control and privacy options to help set the mood and make everyday moments magical. Choose from a sheer fabric and a room darkening fabric to explore different levels of openness to create a perfect environment for everything and everyone

Select from the most popular specialty shapes to provide a total cellular solution. Our array of specialty shapes includes: arches, quarter round, triangles and more. Experience quality and style on even the most challenging applications.

Perfect Arch (Half Round)


Elongated Eyebrow

Quarter Round Left + Right

Half Eyebrow Left + Right

Arch Top Left + Right


Angle Top Left + Right

Palladian Shelf

The innovative solution creates a decorative mounting surface inside an arched window so a rectangular shade can be installed beneath an arched specialty shape shade. Palladian shelves are an elegant way to split the curved top part of the window with the squared bottom part of the window.