A Peaceful Retreat in Swan Hill, Victoria with Catriona Rowntree

Located in the idyllic town of Swan Hill along the Murray River in regional Victoria, this remarkable home provides a calming atmosphere, far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. Homeowner Cheryse welcomed Norman’s brand ambassador, Catriona Rowntree, to explore the transformation of this house into a contemporary haven of sophistication and functionality.
“Norman provided all of these solutions in my newly renovated home so I didn’t have to go anywhere else they just covered it all.” –Cheryse
Cheryse brings us into her breathtaking living room, dramatically transformed from its original Tudor style. Gone are the small windows, replaced with expansive ones that invite the outside in. The room’s centrepiece is the impressive SmartDrape covering the large window, chosen for its aesthetic appeal and functionality. These drapes are a twist on the traditional curtain – beautiful and practical because they have two fabrics in one curtain and are easily removable for cleaning—perfect for a home frequented by grandchildren with sticky fingers.
“I chose the SmartDrape because I love the look of them and they’ve got the beautiful sheer fabric and they look soft and pretty” –Cheryse
The neutral, cream-coloured decor of the living room creates a calm environment, ideal for relaxation and hosting guests. Captivated by the ambience, Catriona was eager to explore and discover all the house had to offer. As we continued the tour, Cheryse highlighted the variety of window furnishings throughout the home. In a cosy corner, the smaller windows necessitated the choice of Woodlore Plus shutters, showcasing Norman’s ability to tailor solutions to room-specific needs. Cheryse also opted for motorisation into these shutters to blend convenience with elegance.
“Because the living room has a window box the SmartDrape wouldn’t have worked so the Shutters for the perfect option.” – Cheryse
Moving to the light-filled guest bedroom, the Honeycomb shades are a prominent feature. Specifically chosen for their superior block-out and energy saving capabilities, these shades are exceptionally well-suited for the west-facing wall, where they mitigate heat gain and enhance efficiency. Cheryse talks more about the advanced features of these shades including motorisation and their integration with the ShadeAuto App. This technology enables remote temperature management, allowing for the cooling of the space from any location and can be used across both the whole house!
“[The ShadeAuto App is] really easy to use. I can operate the whole house on my phone so I can come in from the farm and push a button and everything is lovely and cool when we get home.” – Cheryse
Innovation isn’t limited to the main areas of the house; it extends even to the laundry room, where Honeycomb shades fitted with magnets showcase Norman’s commitment to thoughtful design. These specially designed shades stay firmly in place, eliminating the annoyance of shades that knock or sway as you move around the space.
“The Honeycomb shade was fantastic for the bedroom since it was on a west-facing wall it offers complete light block out” – Cheryse
It is evident that the home on Milloo Street is a testament to the power of thoughtful renovation and expert collaboration. Not only did Norman’s advanced and stylish windows have enhanced the home’s aesthetic and functionality, but having a retail partner like Swan Hill Curtains & Blinds that really understands the features and benefits of the products means that all the unique openings were catered for.
“That’s why we love Norman, the options are everything!” Catriona Rowntree
As we continue to explore more unique homes across Australia with Catriona Rowntree, stay tuned for more insights into how contemporary solutions can redefine living spaces. Don’t miss our next stop, where we’ll explore another beautifully blended traditional and modern residence set against Australia’s picturesque landscapes.
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SmartDrape Shade
Portrait Honeycomb Shade with Motorisation and in room darkening fabric
Woodlore Plus Shutter with Motorisation

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