Discover Taylors Hill's Stunning New Build: Meeting the diverse needs of a modern family.

Nestled just 30 minutes outside of Melbourne’s CBD, Taylors Hill offers a quiet residential suburb. A stunning new build in this charming area showcases a home of thoughtful design and style. Guided by Norman’s Brand Ambassador, Catriona Rowntree, the tour dives into the world of Soluna Roller Shades with Bruce from My Shutters and Blinds. Bruce reveals the secrets behind all the innovative applications in this home.
“I know they just built it but if they want to sell… I LOVE IT!” – Catriona Rowntree
Upon entering, it’s evident that the homeowners have considered every detail. From the decor to the layout, everything flows seamlessly. Bruce shares his admiration for the owners and their vision, which perfectly aligns with the versatility of Soluna Roller Shades. These shades provided a solution for every room, catering to the unique needs and desires of the family.
“Everything we do with Norman is made to measure so it will fit perfectly in the customers windows.” – Bruce
One of the standout features of the living-dining room is the large window, which at first glance, seems to lack any window furnishing. Bruce explains that this is one of the benefits of Soluna Roller Shades. When fully rolled up, they offer an unobstructed view, seamlessly blending into the background. For this sizeable window, Bruce chose the SmartRelease option, a semi-automatic system where a simple pull of the cord gently lowers the shade to the window’s base, ensuring ease of use.
“One of the home-owner’s prerequisites was that they didn’t want to notice the shade when it wasn’t being used.” – Bruce
Moving upstairs, Bruce highlights the motorised shades installed above the staircase. This hard-to-reach window required a practical solution, and Norman’s motorisation was the perfect fit. Known for being the quietest on the market, these motorised shades can be effortlessly controlled via remote, app, or voice command, adding a touch of modern convenience to the home.
“It’s one of the quietest motors on the market actually again that’s why I love using Norman.” – Bruce
Safety is paramount, especially in homes with young children. Bruce recommended the PrecisionLift cordless operating system for frequently used rooms like the craft room, children’s rooms, and the movie theatre. This child-safe feature provides peace of mind for the homeowners and is incredibly easy to use with a simple touch. In the craft room, PrecisionLift is paired with Light Guard channels to minimise light leakage and glare, creating an ideal environment for the homeowner’s creative endeavours.
“We used Norman’s light guard system with the Soluna Roller Shade to take away that glare and finesse the space.” – Bruce
Perhaps the most impressive application is the Light Guard 360 system, providing complete blackout by incorporating bottom, top and side channels that wrap around the edge of the roller shade. This feature was a game-changer in the children’s rooms, helping to create an optimal sleep environment. It’s quiet and safe operation also made it the perfect choice for the movie room, ensuring a glare-free experience during daytime movie sessions.
“You don’t want to wake the little ones when you come in to operate the shade and the Precision Lift System makes that easy.” – Bruce
This Taylors Hill house tour shows how thoughtful design and innovative window furnishings can transform a home. The collaboration between the homeowners, Bruce, and Norman’s Soluna Roller Shades has resulted in a space that is not only stylish but also highly functional, meeting the diverse needs of a modern family.
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