Make safety a priority in your child’s bedroom

When selecting the perfect window coverings for your home, people generally think of design, functionality and privacy as the key features when deciding on the best solution, however buyer BEWARE!

If you have children or pets the key consideration in your selection should be SAFETY. Loose and dangling window covering cords pose a considerable danger to the safety of your children and pets. Simply put, window covering cords are designed to provide homeowners years of service, so they are very strong and won’t break in an unforeseen circumstance, unless a safety device is installed as part of the cord. 

Norman is committed to not only raising awareness of the serious risk to the wellness and safety of your children and pets but have committed significant resources over the years to research and design to ensure we have the most child safe window covering options in the market. Norman is an active participant in the WCMA ‘Best for Kids’ certification program. All Norman window furnishings with the ‘Best for Kids’ label have been rigorously tested to make sure they pose no harm to children. 

If you are looking for the best in child safe window coverings, Norman has you covered! Shutters are an obvious choice as these are inherently cord free. Our PerfectTilt motorised shutters even have a built-in sensor that stops louvre rotation if it senses an obstruction such as a child’s hand. 

Our range of cordless blinds and shades gives you even more confidence and choice in child safe window covering options.

Great cordless options

Norman recommends the following cordless products to ensure the areas around your window remains a safe place for your children and pets: 

  • SmartFit Honeycomb Shades
  • PrecisionLift Soluna Roller Shades 
  • Cordless SmartPrivacy Blinds

Safety features of Norman Corded Window Coverings

“The best way to make a window covering child safe is to remove the cords altogether. This is what we have done with Precision Lift, our latest product in our roller blind category,” says Brandon Rigby, General Manager of Norman. “The smooth operating system adds to the appeal of this product and makes it perfect for a child’s bedroom window.”

In some instances, you still need a cord to operate a blind and in these cases, Norman is not content to go with the easy option and do things as they have always been done. An example of this is the breakaway tassel on Norman’s corded SmartPrivacy blind. 

These are specifically designed to protect children and pets from the risk of cord entanglements and will “break away” should something get caught in them. The design allows the tassel to then be easily reconstructed and continue to function as it should.  

The best safety options

Although cords pose the highest risk to children, there are also other considerations regarding your child’s safety around windows coverings. Young children may put unfamiliar objects in their mouths and pets are known to chew on fixtures in your home. Norman products are free from lead and dangerous soluble heavy metals such as cadmium and arsenic. 

We also have a No Questions Asked Warranty for times like this … If you break it (or chew on it), we’ll fix it free of charge!

Norman products meet or exceed strict international standards for the off gassing of harmful chemicals. You don’t have to worry about children being exposed to these chemicals every day from your window coverings. 

In addition to this, Norman’s Soluna Roller shade and honeycomb shade offerings include flame resistant fabric options to further add an element of safety to your home.  

If you would like some further information on how to make sure your existing window coverings are safe for your children, please click here to see the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Safety Alert on Blind and Curtain Cords.