Where convenience meets innovation.

Using quiet and energy-efficient solar-powered motors for our shutters and easily rechargeable battery-powered motors for our shades, effortlessly control your window furnishings with a remote or a single touch. Whether you have hard-to-reach windows or want an easy way to manage light and privacy, our motorisation solutions offer a trouble-free experience.

Shade Motorisation

Easy Charging Options

Norman’s PowerBar is our latest innovation that slots directly into the headrail of Soluna Roller Shades and Portrait Honeycomb Shades for hassle-free charging—no ladder required.

For added flexibility, we also offer rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and an AC adaptor plug-in, ensuring continuous power for your PerfectSheer Shades, Honeycomb Shades, and Soluna Roller Shades.

Choose the convenience that best suits your lifestyle. 

Safe & Convenient

Norman’s Single Touch Operation makes controlling your shades as easy as a simple tap. Just touch the shade directly to stop, raise, or lower it instantly—effortless control is literally at your fingertips.

Our Auto Brake feature ensures safety is always a priority. If your shade hits an obstruction, it stops automatically, making it a safer choice for homes with kids and pets.

Both of these convenient and secure features are part of our Portrait Honeycomb Shade program.

Universal Unique Remote Control

Take control of your home’s lighting with the convenience of Remote Programming, available for our Soluna Roller Shades, Portrait Honeycomb Shades, and PerfectSheer Shades. 

Connect any number of shades to a single remote and easily adjust the light from any room in your home. 

Setting your favourite shade positions is now simpler and more convenient than ever.

Shutter Motorisation

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Equipped with two durable Lithium-ion batteries, these shutters operate for months at a time with just one charge.

Featuring a built-in USB port for straightforward charging and solar panels that harness solar energy, these shutters offer not only convenience but also an eco-friendly solution.

Versatile Control Options

This system gives you the flexibility to adjust your shutters exactly to your liking. Whether you prefer manually setting the position, fine-tuning adjustments with the SmartDial remote, or conveniently controlling settings from your phone with an app, all options are at your fingertips. 

The SmartDial remote is particularly useful, letting you quickly choose from several pre-set positions or customise your own, making it super simple to get just the right light and privacy.

Child & Pet Safe

Equipped with a smart feature that stops the louvres whenever an obstruction is detected, you can rest easy knowing that curious little hands or playful pets won’t interfere.

The anti-jam technology is a considerate addition, designed to keep everyone in your home safe while ensuring your shutters operate seamlessly.

Control your whole house.

ShadeAuto Hub & App

Control your whole house of shutters and shades from anywhere with our ShadeAuto Hub & App.

Boost family productivity and comfort with regular schedules, and increase your home’s security by activating Security Mode, which automatically closes your shutters at sunset or when you’re away.

The ShadeAuto Hub & App is compatible with Android, iOS, and all major voice control systems.

Manage your settings through voice, app, or remote for seamless operation that fits your lifestyle.

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