The be-all and end-all shade

Experience the innovation of Norman Honeycomb Shades, featuring a unique D-Cell structure that traps air to provide insulation and energy savings. Enjoy a cozy, warm home in winter and a cool retreat in summer, all while enhancing any room with their sleek, modern design.

Reduce your power bills

Norman Honeycomb Shades are a breakthrough in energy efficiency, reducing heat loss by an impressive 64%, as validated by the CSIRO, Queensland University of Technology, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Wollongong. The innovative honeycomb structure traps air between the cells, maintaining optimal temperatures in your home throughout every season.

Block out the noise

Don’t just block out light—dampen noise with honeycomb shades. This unique feature makes them perfect for kids’ rooms or any bedroom, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep.

Award Winning Operating Systems

Ensure a safer home for children and pets with our cordless system, which eliminates hazardous cords. With just a touch, effortlessly brighten your room or create a cozy ambience, thanks to its design that adjusts precisely to your preferred settings.

Achieve your desired lighting with a simple voice command, a tap on your phone, remote, or the bottom of the shade. With no dangerous cords and obstruction detection, it ensures safety for the little ones in your home. For ultimate convenience without additional electrical work, opt for our effortless wireless charging wand.

The unique design of SmartFit eliminates the need for a fixed rail position and middle cords, instead relocating the cords discreetly to the far edges of the opening. This results in less light leakage, enhanced safety, and a sleek profile that doesn’t obstruct your view. Versatile and adaptable, this operating system fits any window, door, or skylight. With various design options, including added frames or additional fabric sections, you can customise it to suit your needs perfectly

Our Patio Door Vertical is the perfect solution for expansive sliding glass doors, often overlooked as a major source of energy loss. When closed, it helps insulate your home, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter, while its compact stacking design hides it from view when you want to enjoy the scenery. This versatile design is ideal for sectioning off rooms, providing everyone with a private, cozy area to relax in comfort, all without a bottom track or channel. 

Even more control of your light and privacy

Enjoy diffused natural light during the day and transform your space into a private sanctuary at night with our Day & Night Honeycomb Shades. 

This versatile solution combines two fabrics in one, allowing you to choose from sheer, light-filtering, or room-darkening options to create the perfect balance of light and privacy. 

Available with various operation systems, including cordless, corded, cord loop, motorised, and patio door vertical, this option offers flexible functionality to suit any space.

Effortlessly position your shade anywhere within your window with our Top Down Bottom Up Honeycomb Shade. 

Pull the top down to let natural light in from above while keeping the bottom private, or pull the bottom up to enjoy light at the lower half while maintaining privacy at the top. 

This innovative design adapts to your needs, offering seamless control over your environment.

Get inspired

Browse Fabric Range

Explore our collection of fabrics, inspired by the latest colour and interior trends. With rich textures like linen and varying opacities, our range caters to every taste. 

Choose sheer and light-filtering fabrics for natural light, or room-darkening options for a peaceful retreat. Our flame-resistant fabrics provide added safety. 

Select from single and double cell options for desired insulation, and choose larger cell sizes for a sleek look or smaller cell sizes for a traditional aesthetic.

How to Buy

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2. Book a consulation

Your local Norman retail partner will bring samples to your home or invite you to a showroom. From here, you can select the Honeycomb Shade that’s right for you.

3. Installation

Once the Honeycomb Shades are made to fit your window or door, your local Norman retail partner will professionally install them in your home.

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Once we receive your enquiry, we will put you in touch with one of our trusted Norman Retail Partners who will contact you to arrange an in-home consultation.


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