SmartPrivacy blinds include a wide range of operating options from corded, cordloop, cordloop SmartRelease and cordless operation, all designed for ease of operation and ultimate light and privacy control. Colour coordinated ladder cords are standard with SmartPrivacy blinds and solid colour or decorative ladder tapes are also available.

Headrail options include valance free decorative aluminium or PolyDeco rails, which can be dressed by multiple valance options. All available in a wide range of matching finishes and colours. Norman SmartPrivacy wood and fauxwood blinds feature child-safe designs, utilize non-toxic materials and meet stringent international safety standards

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SmartPrivacy Options

SmartRelease – Automatic Lowering

They say work smarter, not harder. Norman SmartRelease feature found in our wood and fauxwood blinds enables the ‘release’ or lowering of the blind with a gentle pull. It glides to a closed position automatically – smoothly, quietly and effortlessly.

norman australia timber blinds with smart release
norman australia SmartRelease Coodloop blinds

Cordless Option – Child Safe

  • Superior child safe cordless option certified “Best for Kids”
  • Proprietary easy-lifting system with no pull cord making it safe and trouble free for homeowners
  • Specially designed bottom rail which won’t rotate during lifting.
  • The bottom rail neatly stacks when raised and will not sag in the middle or drop either side once lifted

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Slat Options

Choose from 50mm or 63.5mm slat widths. For most, it’s just a matter of preference, but smaller slat widths are ideal for smaller windows or where your reveal depth is limited. The smaller slats equates to more slats per window and a lesser view when tilted open. For a bigger view and more of a shutter feel choose 63.5mm slats which are ideally suited to larger windows with a deeper reveal.

Norman australia slat range

Additional Headrail Options

Decorative Aluminum Headrail

  • Special brushed or painted aluminum headrail provides a prestige contemporary look. It adds simplicity to the blind installation and creates a subtle contrast between the wood slats and the brushed or painted decorative aluminum head rail
  • Valance free blind makes it easy and quick to install
  • Better closure and privacy
  • The headrail has a light barrier which gives better closure between the headrail and top slat to block the light.
  • Top bracket is installed in the front for easy installation, installers/consumers could easily see and ensure the brackets are installed at the position.

Unique PolyDeco (Valance Free) Headrail

  • Colour coordinated with the blind slats to create a contemporary Valance free headrail
  • Valance free means simple and quick trouble-free installation
  • Valance free creates a minimal look and feel to the blind
  • Enhanced closure and privacy
  • The polydeco headrail has a light barrier which gives better closure between the headrail and top slat to block light bleed at the top of the blind.
  • Top bracket installation makes for easy, safe and secure installation for installers and consumers
  • Engineered bottom rail to ensure tighter closure
norman australia headrail options
norman australia blind headrail options

Slat Colours

Pure White ND001

Decorators White ND063

Silk White ND003

norman australia new pearl

Pearl ND006

norman australia new crisplinen

Crisp Linen ND012

norman australia new string

String ND019

norman australia new taupe

Taupe Gray ND080

Norman australia Hall Gray

Hall Gray ND042

norman australia new sea mist

Sea Mist ND032

norman australia Storm Gray

Storm Gray ND075

Chelsea Gray ND089

Stone Gray ND049

Brown Gray ND051

Clay ND053

Download our Normandy Painted Wood Blinds Colours here

Norman Australia new_limedwhite

Limed White ND110

Taupe  ND114

Rustic Gray ND108

New Ebony ND220

Norman Australia new_weathered teak

Weathered Teak ND109

French Oak ND862

Oak Mantel ND204

Norman Australia dark teak

Dark Teak ND212

Norman Australia new_cordovan

Cordovan ND215

norman australia wood blind cherry

Cherry ND211

Old Teak ND230

Wenge ND237

Black Walnut ND221

Matte Black ND246

Download our Normandy Stained Wood Blind colours here

White Matte 1003

OAK 1501

Oak Antique 1107

Teak 1502

Cherry 1301

Mahogany 1401

Silk Gray 1109

Granite Gray 1111

Black 1203

Ebony 1204

Download our Normandy Wood OSMO Blind colours here

Pure White P001 (smooth)

Norman australia pure white

Pure White P001 (grain)

norman australia designer white

Designer White E008

Silk White P003

norman australia bright white

Bright White P004

norman australia new pearl

Pearl P006

Crisp Linen P012

Norman Australia new_mist

Mist 6957

Norman Australia new_limedwhite

Limed White P933

Gray 6938

Taupe Gray P080

Sea Mist P032

Truffle 6958

Download our Performance Fauxwood Blind colours here

Tape Colours

White T001

Ecru T403

Ivory T002

Bone T003

Natural 5507

Gray Beige T169

Dusk Gray 5124

Wheat T501

Chocolate 5416

Cherry T401

Brown 5414

Dark Mulberry T303

Light Cocoa T402

Dark Sienna 5434

Black Brown 5426

Black T201

Cream Foliage T108

Zebra T112

Egyptian T115

Olive Aztec T116

Orchre Aztec T117

Ebony Aztec T118

Download our Blind Tape colours here

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