3 Features to Look For When Choosing Window Furnishings for a Child’s Bedroom

Are you remodelling your home to accommodate for a nursery or toddler’s bedroom? Choosing the right window furnishing for the space can be challenging as you deal with several legitimate concerns. For instance, light blockage for uninterrupted sleep, safety, maintenance and operation. When it comes to childrens’ bedrooms, window furnishings must provide all the functionality aspects and then more. 

This is because various factors like noise and light can affect their routine. Light control options that let in natural light during the day and block artificial light to help them sleep soundly at night, are a must-have.

Whether you want to opt for a classic or contemporary style or choose from a stunning array of colours to match the shade to your existing home décor, we’ve got you (and your windows) covered. Here are the three main features to look for when choosing window furnishings for your child’s bedroom. 

1. Safety first

Child safety should be a key consideration when selecting window furnishings for your home. We understand that children are naturally curious and aren’t always aware of potential risks around the home. Even basic household items like window coverings can turn into potential hazards. Therefore, as active participants in the WCMA “Best for Kids” certification program, our blinds, shades and shutters with the “Best for Kids” designation have been rigorously tested, and are free from hazards such as pull cords. Our solution is an innovative cordless technology with the peace-of-mind that your furnishings are hazard-free.

2. Capture the perfect light

Lighting control is one of the biggest factors for homeowners choosing a window covering. Infants and toddlers require a lot of sleep, some of which often occurs during the day – so being able to dictate how much light the room receives, and when, is even more important.

Whether you want to darken the nursery or utilise natural light to brighten the room, different opacities in a window covering can filter or deflect sunlight depending on your needs. For example, dual shaded Soluna Roller Shades used in conjunction with our Light Guard and PrecisionLift Cordless technology is one of the best solutions to use in a nursery for maximum light control.

3. Consider temperature control

Most household energy is lost through its windows – research shows that up to 30% of total heat loss from your home occurs through uncovered windows. One of the greatest benefits of quality window furnishings is the ability to control a room’s temperature, helping to ensure your baby doesn’t overheat or become too cold. Insulation and energy efficiency can be achieved with the right window furnishing, such as our Honeycomb Shades

Ensure you are making the best choices for your family. Norman Australia is an industry-leading brand, offering exclusive innovative technology on their quality range of window furnishings. From shutters, blinds and shades, every product comes with a focus on durability, privacy, innovation and style. Receive peace-of-mind knowing you are choosing the best every time, as all Norman furnishings are designed with child safety at the forefront.

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