Which Material Is Best For Plantation Shutters

Wood Is Good

Norman as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of window covering products strongly encourage consumers around the globe to use wood blinds and shutters. Wood products are renewable, recyclable, waste efficient, bio degradable and non toxic. Wood as you will read below is
also particularly energy efficient in production and use, and as such can play a major role in combatting global warming. Remember next time you are updating your window coverings at home or in the office choose “wood is good”.

“Wood is beautiful, light and strong to build with, warm, welcoming and healthy to live with. And it offers a simple way to reduce CO2 emissions that are the main cause of climatic change

1. Use of wood products reduces atmospheric CO2 and conserves energy.
• Low energy requirement to produce and process – giving wood a ultra lowcarbon footprint.
• Wood can substitute materials like steel, aluminium or plastics which require large amounts of “fossil ”energy to produce.
• Growing tree absorbs 1 t atmospheric CO2 for every cubic metre of wood.
• Growing tree produces 0.7 t O2 for every t of CO2 it absorbs.
• Productive forests provide a carbon sink.
• Wood products provide a carbon store.
• Outstanding thermal insulation – saving energy in our built up environment (wood has 1770 times better thermal insulation than aluminium).
• Substitution for fossil fuels….burning wood is carbon neutral.

2. Wood is a naturally renewable and a sound ecological building material
• Forests have the potential to regenerate or be cultivated to provide sustainable wood resources.
• The worlds forests in temperate and boreal regions continues to increase, despite an increase in the supply of wood from these ecosystems.
• Can be reused and recycled.
• Waste efficient – very little waste is generated in making wood-based products.
• All byproducts can be used as raw materials or as an energy source.
• Biodegradable and non toxic

3. Wood makes a natural case for itself inside the home from a practical and aesthetic point of view. It provides timeless good looks and a sense of well being.
• Whether contemporary or traditional, painted or stained wood adds classic elegance to a room.
• It ages gracefully over the years – developing depth of character and interest.
• Improves insulation and helps to warm up a room more quickly.
• Is warm to touch and provides a robust and maintenance free surface.
• Creates naturally healthy living conditions, easy to keep clean, no hiding place for dust mites and provides natural humidity control.
• Products can be easily customised to suit individual style.
• It is affordable and easily available.