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SmartDrape is truly an innovation in the realm of indoor-outdoor living, providing softly undulating shading while enhancing the style and sophistication of any residential or commercial space. Unobstructed views and controlled bathe of light are guaranteed through its intelligent design, allowing sun-seekers to experience the space without needing to open or close their shades. 

Get ready to experience the unprecedented combination of luxury, privacy and convenience that SmartDrape brings – a must-have addition to today’s modern lifestyle.

What are SmartDrape shades?

SmartDrape shades offer a unique way to control the amount of light and privacy that you receive in your home. Combining an elegant look with maximum functionality, the award-winning SmartDrapes come in both sheer and room-darkening varieties, as well as a range of colours and patterns, including whites, off-whites and greys.

Innovatively designed with individual vanes built right into the fabric, you can easily switch between a clear view of your surroundings and total darkness by simply turning the vanes open or closed with a wand twist. Plus, you can walk through and pass through effortlessly without ever having to fully open the shades, making an easeful transition between two or more spaces.

SmartDrape shades are especially well suited for extra wide windows, patios and sliding doors, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without the hassle of cumbersome window coverings. Be sure to check out this award-winning design to bring a new level of convenience and style into your personal space!

What are the benefits of SmartDrape shades?

Walk Through Vanes

Unlike traditional shades with continuous curtains or other window treatments that can be difficult to pass through when they're closed, SmartDrape's individual vanes allow you to open and close the shade without ever needing to move or rearrange the vanes. This makes them perfect for doorways, entryways, or anywhere else a walk-through might be required.

Poetry of Moving Light

Utilising a series of individual fabric vanes suspended in a sheer, the product creates a beautiful floating effect––a poetry of moving light that maximises natural sunlight and creates an inviting atmosphere for any room. This dynamic design can be adjusted to meet the needs of a variety of spaces; from providing privacy from the outside view to controlling temperatures inside, SmartDrape will make any home look as beautiful as it feels.

Door/Wide Window Solution

The shades are designed to fit a width of up to 12 feet, making them capable of accommodating even the largest openings. Furthermore, users can easily combine two shades to provide an even wider coverage area. SmartDrape makes it faster and easier than ever before to manage windows and doors, simplifying the entire process.


SmartDrape shades have been designed with safety in mind. Certified “Best for Kids”, the product is free from pull cords that could present a safety risk to both young children and pets. Low maintenance and easy to operate, SmartDrape passes on peace of mind as well as highlights your windows with sophisticated style. 

Easy Operation

Thanks to their intuitive design, the operation is easy and hassle-free. With a simple twist of the wand, you can transform from a sheer fabric to an opaque solid one and vice versa. Moreover, by sliding the wand across the shade, you can open or close its vanes, allowing more or less light into any given space. All in all, SmartDrape shades offer a great solution that combines sophistication with ease of use.

Trusted by Australian families for over 20 years.


How do SmartDrape shades work?

With a simple twist of the wand, you can adjust SmartDrape shades from an open, sheer look to a completely closed opaque fabric. This design allows you to control the amount of light and privacy in any given space with just a few simple hand motions. Furthermore, individual vanes can be opened or closed to allow for more or less light.

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Enjoy reliability without compromising practicality or design. With SmartDrape, you can enjoy all the benefits of an effortless shading solution in any room.

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