Honeycomb Blinds vs Roller Shades – Which Is Better?

When you are building or renovating a home, the decisions you need to make can be overwhelming at the time. Deciding on the colour of the kitchen cabinets, finish for the tiles, or the types of window coverings, can all significantly impact the function and feel of your home. These types of finishes or upgrades tend to be a costly and long term investment so you want to ensure that you are making the right choice.

When it comes to deciding between Roller Blinds or the unique Honeycomb Shades, here we highlight the benefits of both to help you determine what will work for your home. 

Honeycomb Shades

Norman’s Portrait Honeycomb Shades are cellular blinds with a unique honeycomb ‘cell’ structure that traps air and acts as an insulation barrier for windows. These smart air pockets can reduce the heat transfer through a window and reduce the average home’s heating costs by up to 43%.

While they’re well-known for their amazing insulation properties, these innovative shades have some other stand-out features too. These include:

  1. Sound Reduction

The cellular construction of the shade absorbs sound energy within their insulated shell, which can dull exterior noise by an impressive 52% while still letting plenty of light into the home. These are hugely beneficial for people living in busy urban areas or apartments to reduce noise and improve comfort. They’re also an ideal solution for those rooms in the home, where it’s vital to keep external noise to a minimum, like in media rooms, bedrooms or the nursery.

  1. Sheer or Blockout Fabrics

We understand that the ability to control the light in a room is essential for creating optimum comfort. We notice that our customers generally opt for block out blinds in the bedroom to help aid sleep in the early morning when light may filter through the window, so choosing a style that allows this option is essential. With Honeycomb Shades, you have a wide range of light control options, including sheer, light-filtering and room-darkening and the opportunity to install Norman’s Light Guard to eliminate light leakage around the blind. You can even combine the light control options by choosing Day and Night Shades, which come with a sheer screen for during the day and block out fabric for extra light and privacy control at night. 

  1. Luxury of Choice

Norman Portrait Honeycomb Shades feature almost 500 fabric options, five cell sizes and an extensive array of lifting systems, including child-safe cordless, vertical and motorised options. Plus, award-winning solutions such as SmartFit, Decoflex, Cordless Top-Down/Bottom Up, and Day & Night. 

Soluna Roller Shades

Norman’s Soluna Roller Shades 

These following features and unique benefits make the Soluna Roller Shades unlike any other roller blind:

  1. PrecisionLift

PrecisionLift is Norman’s cordless roller shade operation which you have to see to believe. It allows the shade to stop precisely where you want, without catching the right spot in the roller revolution. Furthermore, Soluna PrecisionLift gives you an alternative for the ultimate in child safety, eliminating the traditional chain operation. 

  1. SmartRelease

Another great innovation is SmartRelease, where you can, with one slight pull on the chain, lower the blind quietly and stop it at any point on its journey. Even fascias and valances feature this unique raceway innovation that makes fitting the shade easier and allows quick and easy installation of the top treatments.

  1. Light Guard and Luxury Fabrics

Light Guard is another excellent option without going to full channels on the sides. It fits easily behind the shade and the top, creating a much better light reduction and minimising visible gaps. Soluna offers a vast selection of fabrics, with many in the range being Greenguard and NFPA certified, including a 100% polyester sunscreen range, which reinforces Norman’s commitment to sustainability and safety.

Whatever you choose, know that you are getting quality, innovation and style with every Norman product you purchase. For more information or to find an Official Norman Retail Partner near you, enquire with Norman Australia today.