Norman Normandy PerfectTilt shutters

Architect looking for unique solution turns to Norman Shutters


Canberra architectural firm Davenport-Campbell Canberra contacted Norman Australia looking for a unique solution for their client KPMG in Canberra. As the representative from Norman was aware of a Retail Partner having done work in the same building, the Retail Partner was briefed and subsequently contacted the architect.

BMAC is one of Norman’s Retail Partners with an association spanning over 9 years. Ben said; “when we first started the business, Norman was a brand that stood out from its competitors. It had not got involved in a race to the bottom selling cheaper and cheaper products and had a reputation for consistent quality”. 


As the architect had a very specific but unusual request, BMAC worked with the firm to come up with a solution that not only solved the client’s problem, but he knew Norman was the only company who could provide a trouble free rechargeable motorised shutter. It was important to have confidence in Norman’s PerfectTilt system as the shutters were going between glass and future access would be limited. As Ben said, he didn’t want to get a call a few months later and have to keep going back to site to replace failed motors or carry out additional servicing.


The specification called for natural wood shutters, that could be automated and would be fitted between glass. The concept was for meeting rooms to be able to be made private by the flick of a switch. After many consultations with the architect, BMAC specified Norman Normandy shutters with their inbuilt InvisibleTilt mechanism so there would be no external screw connections to the louvres and using PerfectTilt shutter motorisation. Even though the PerfectTilt motorisation has an inbuilt solar panel, these panels were being fitted internally so would not get a lot of natural light. BMAC have an inhouse electrician and was able to come up with a solution to wire the motors to chargers that operate on one switch.

Ordering window furnishings before frames or openings are installed but due to time constraints, BMAC had to coordinate with the builder to make the opening size to suit the shutters due to the shutter lead time being 6 weeks and the opening had to be ready for when the shutters arrived. The other challenge was matching the shutter colour to the frame. One option that was explored was using Norman’s colour matching service but once again due to time constraints it was decided to match the frames to a standard Norman stain colour. 

The shutters arrived on time and as the motors were able to be specified on order which channels they operated on, it saved a lot of time on site programming. Even down to which banks of louvres are designated to groups or channels could be specified. Installation was finalised over 2 days and was completed with a day to spare, before the second pane of glass needed to be installed to encase the shutters. Importantly the project was completed on schedule and before hand over. 

This type of project shows that you need to manage several factors for success: A vision from the architect who can articulate that vision; a business who can understand the vision, project manage effectively and make it possible and most importantly a reliable quality product and supplier.

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