Norman Ultra PerfectTilt shutters

Consumer looking for the ultimate shutter for a new build


A Canberra customer contacted Norman Australia looking for a unique solution for their new home. The customer made contact directly with Norman through their website and was referred by Norman to their closest Retail Partner. BASC is one of Norman’s Retail Partners who have an association spanning over 19 years. Murray said:

“I originally worked with the Norman brand as an installer before I took over the business. I have always liked the Norman product range and know Norman as a high-quality brand, that rarely gives me any problems.” 

Many retailers might have turned their nose up at a job still in planning stage, but rather than ignore the project, Murray from BASC engaged with the customer to discuss their requirements and invited the customer into their showroom. This is where BASC could showcase the range of Norman products and insure they were providing the right solution for the customer. As with all jobs it was important to listen to what the customer wanted to achieve and then using product knowledge and experience recommend a product that would solve the customers problem.


It would be easy to go to the lowest common denominator and offer a low cost solution, but as the customer’s needs had been understood clearly and the customer had done extensive research, Norman’s Ultra shutter was recommended and accepted. Ultra is Norman’s highest specification shutter with panels able to span up to 1219mm, which suited the home as there were several large windows that the customer did not want multiple panels on.

The customer was unaware of Norman’s unique Invisible Hinge and when shown this option by Murray, decided it would provide the best look for the home with the cleverly concealed design and clean lines and most importantly, no protruding hinge knuckle. The ultimate finish touch was motorising the shutters with Norman’s incredible PerfectTilt shutter motorisation. PerfectTilt is the most advance shutter motorisation system available, with its in-built solar panel for automatic charging, multi-award-winning design and quiet operation.


Like all projects things run to a tight schedule and the builder wants to finish their jobs on time, so knowing the shutter lead time was 6 weeks, BASC insured the job was measured and ordered in plenty of time. Norman have a reputation as one of the most reliable suppliers in the industry and didn’t let the customer down. Even though there were delays in the project in other areas, when the house was ready for the shutters everything was organised with great management and installation carried out with precision. 

The end result is a very happy customer with a maintenance free shutter. The customer also has the peace of mind that everything is covered with Norman’s generous warranty that uniquely includes wear and tear. Norman’s warranty also provides the No Questions Asked benefit, that covers life little accidents, so even if a product is damaged by accident it is replaced within the warranty period one time, no question.

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