Choosing the Perfect Portrait Honeycomb Shade

UV Blockage by Fabric Type

Room darkening fabrics offer homeowners the ability to significantly block out the sunlight reducing up to 100% UV light. While light filtering fabrics have a range of UV transmission and can create softer lighting for any room in the home. With Norman’s sheers, block as little as 49.9% of UV light offering a screened view of the streetscape and a degree daylight privacy.

Sheer: 49.9% – 71.5% UV Blockage
Light Filtering: 88% – 97% UV Blockage
Room Darkening: 100% UV Blockage

Fabric Cell Size

25mm Single 62mm Double
45mm Double 62mm Single
45mm Single

Fabric Opacity Options

Cell Size

Cell Size Profile

Honeycomb Colours

Lift Systems

Select from Norman’s innovative shade systems featuring improved hardware and lift technology. There’s a perfect shade system for no matter what your lifestyle has in store.

Portrait Lift Systems include:

How to choose


Small or large?

A gallery of colours and opacities in five unique cell sizes from small to large. Smaller cells offer a more traditional pleated shade look giving your room a snug and cosy feel. Larger cells are great for larger windows and doors giving your décor a more contemporary and elegant edge


How much light and privacy do I need?

Select the amount of day light that is required in your room, your level of privacy and your view. Choose from translucent sheer to room darkening fabrics. Alternatively, pick two fabrics with different opacities for the day and night shade. For bedrooms and bathrooms especially consider the privacy and light control during the night and day.


Single or double cell?

The unique construction of our honeycomb insulates your home from cold during winter and heat in summer to lower your energy bills. Choose from single or double cell for your unique design and energy efficiency needs. However, for the most effective insulation, select double cell.


How do you want to operate the shade?

Consider if you need a single fabric or multiple fabrics for different opacities (day and night shade) then how you want the shade to function. Do you need the fabric just to be the standard bottom up or do you need a moving fabric stack (top down bottom up) to easily adjust your, light control, view and privacy. Also, you have the choice of simple corded or for larger blinds consider cord loop or motorized. If child and pet safety is a concern in your home, or you don’t want to see any dangling cords, then choose one of the many Portrait cordless options available.

Norman Portrait honeycomb shades offer the widest range of fabrics and operating systems available on the market. Also, an extensive list of specialised options to allow you to customise your shades to make them perfect just for you.