Honeycomb Blinds Spotlight: Privacy, Light Control, Noise Reduction and Energy Efficiency

As the demand for honeycomb blinds in Australia increases, we delve into the key differences of the energy-efficient and cost-effective window coverings, compared to conventional blinds. Why choose honeycomb blinds for your space? Here are some key features you should consider. 

Privacy & Light Control 

Depending on which room you are designing, specific levels of light are required for optimum comfort. For example, people generally opt for block out blinds in the bedroom to help aid sleep in the early morning when light may filter through the window, so choosing a style that allows for this option is important.

With Norman Honeycomb Blinds, you have a wide range of light control options, including sheer, light-filtering and room-darkening and the option to install Norman’s Light Guard to eliminate light leakage around the blind. You can even combine the light control options by choosing Day and Night Shades, which come with a sheer screen for during the day and block out fabric for extra light and privacy control at night. 

Norman Australia Honeycomb Blinds Day/Night Options

Noise Reduction 

If you’re looking for noise reducing window coverings, honeycomb blinds are the best option above not only conventional blinds but shutters too. Both options have sound absorption properties, however, the unique honeycomb design of Norman’s cellular blinds offers better noise reduction capabilities.

Norman blinds contain unique cellular pockets of fabric which create a layer of insulation that is better at trapping both air and noise. If you live in a particularly noisy area or have wooden floorboards in your room, we would recommend honeycomb blinds for maximum noise reduction. 

Norman Australia Honeycomb Blinds 

Energy Efficiency 

The heat loss and gain through the windows in a property are responsible for approximately 30% of the household’s heating and cooling energy usage. One of the most unique benefits of honeycomb blinds is its energy-saving properties.

These blinds do a phenomenal job at stabilising the temperature transfer that occurs through a window (e.g. preventing cold air from coming in during the winter or going out during the summer). Norman utilises both unique construction and advanced materials, making our honeycomb blinds the ultimate choice for maintaining comfortable interior temperatures; maximising energy-efficiency and lowering energy costs. 

Window coverings can become the feature in any room, therefore when selecting a choice, it’s important to look at all options. Ultimately, it’s about how you spend the time in your room and what you want from your window coverings. 

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