Honeycomb Shades

With rich materials, and an even richer history, Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades feature award-winning designs, exclusive options and industry leading construction for all elements.

Portrait features close to 500 fabric options, 5 cell sizes and a multitude of lifting systems – including child-safe cordless and motorised options. Plus, award-winning solutions such as SmartFit, Decoflex, and Cordless Top-Down/Bottom Up. Portrait has a stylish answer for any lifestyle or light control need. They look, feel and perform like no other window covering option.

Honeycomb shade options


Experience enhanced safety, less light leakage and more streamlined profile. The award-winning system adjusts from the top and bottom and has no cords in the middle. When closed, SmartFit fabric stack creates a smaller footprint for a more enjoyable view.

Norman Shutters


The proprietary technology makes daily lowering almost effortless, especially on larger windows. With a single pull, the shade “releases” and glides to a closed position automatically – smoothly, quietly and effortlessly.

Norman Shutters


Experience enhanced safety, less light leakage and more streamlined profile. The award-winning system adjusts from the top and bottom and has no cords in the middle. When closed, SmartFit fabric stack creates a smaller footprint for a more enjoyable view.

Norman Shutters


Featuring a sleek and elegant wood frame (to mount inside or outside the window reveal) plus a SmartFit honeycomb shade. This is a great solution for rectangular windows or french doors. Decoflex shade offers top down/bottom-up adjustment while its frame provides light and privacy control on all 4 sides.

Decoflex frame colours are the same as Normandy shutter program colors. 

Norman Shutters Frame Colors

Day & Night Shades



Morning time. Nap time. Entertaining time. The Day & Night Shade gives you more light control and privacy options to help set the mood and make everyday moment magical, and every night.

Norman Honeycomb Blinds


The Day & Night shades give you more light control and privacy options to help set the mood and make everyday moments magical. Choose from a sheer fabric and a room darkening fabric to explore different levels of openness to create a perfect environment for everything and everyone.

Norman Shades Design Options

Specialty Shapes

Select from the most popular specialty shapes to provide a total cellular solution. our array of specialty shapes includes: arches, quarter round, triangles and more. experience quality and style on even the most challenging applications.

Perfect Arch (Half Round)


Elongated Eyebrow

Quarter Round Left + Right

Half Eyebrow Left + Right

Arch Top Left + Right


Angle Top Left + Right


The innovative solution creates a decorative mounting surface inside an arched window so a rectangular shade can be installed beneath an arched specialty shape shade. Palladian shelves are an elegant way to split the curved top part of the window with the squared bottom part of the window.


Features and Benefits


Our cordless options are certified “Best for Kids™”. The unique cord release device in our corded options have been tested to be effective in preventing entanglements. Flame resistant fabrics are also available for added peace of mind.


Discover design that is a cut above the rest

  • an extra light block option with Decoflex offering more effective room darkening and privacy control

  • a dedicated skylight and sloped window solution that won’t sag in the middle

  • a Light Guard option that blocks stray light around the margins between the window reveal and the shade.


Opacities from sheer, light filtering to room darkening. Sheer fabrics are perfect for day and night shades; a light screen sheer during the day and a room darkening fabric for extra light and privacy control at night.


Portrait delivers smoother, quieter and more consistent operation. It is specially made to be free from billowing, creeping and drooping. The exclusively designed rail system includes a built-in light block that helps keep the glare at bay.


Utilising unique construction and advanced materials, Portrait is made to provide superior insulation. Experience fabric technologies that will make you feel more comfortable and reduce your home’s energy costs

Windows represent gateways through which surprising amounts of energy for heating and cooling the room can be lost. The pockets of our unique cellular fabrics create a layer of insulation, for substantial energy savings and protection against energy loss.

Norman’s honeycomb shades can significantly protect your home from circulation of indoor and outside air which causes energy loss – to create a more comfortable living environment year-round, while helping you leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Norman Shades Energy Savings Table

Fabric Colour Options

Portrait Honeycomb Motorisation

Empowering Your Recharging Experience

With Norman’s Portrait Honeycomb Motorisation, you have multiple charge options to reduce the usual inconvenience of powering motorised shades. These include rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, AC adaptor plug-in, or the new and innovative PowerBar.

The award-winning PowerBar allows users to recharge the motorised shade by simply inserting the PowerBar into the headrail. This safe and efficient recharge option reduces the hassle of using a ladder to access the shade when it comes time to charge it.

Thoughtfully designed with dual power meters, this feature allows you to easily monitor the power levels of both your motorised Portrait Honeycomb shade and the PowerBar, ensuring you never run out of charge unexpectedly.

Intuitive Remote Design

For added convenience, users can program an unlimited number of shades to a single remote,  allowing control of an entire home at once. Optimise your views or ensure your privacy at a moment’s notice with the shortcut keys – simply set any of your favourite shade positions so you can easily transition from one view to another. 

Convenient & Safe Operation

The acclaimed motorisation features single-touch operation, which allows users to simply tap the shade once to stop it mid-movement then tap again to raise or lower, ideal if the remote is out of reach.

Safety is at the forefront of all Norman’s product design which is showcased in Portrait Honeycomb Motorisation with the auto-brake feature stopping the shade from lowering when it encounters any obstruction. You can rest easy knowing the safety of both your children and pets is accommodated.

Dual Motor Variation

Norman’s Portrait Honeycomb Motorisation offers versatile options with both single and dual motor variations. The single motor is designed for standard Bottom Up Honeycomb shades, while the dual motors cater to Top Down – Bottom Up and Day & Night Honeycomb shades.

With the dual motors in Top Down – Bottom Up configuration, you can effortlessly raise and lower the shade from the top or the bottom. This unique feature allows you to invite natural light through the top while maintaining privacy by covering the bottom portion.

Furthermore, the dual motor variation enables independent control of two shades within the same window with Day & Night shades. Seamlessly switch between light-filtering fabric during the day to enjoy sunlight, and room-darkening fabric at night for a private and cozy ambience.

Get an in-home consultation to find the perfect fit

Discover Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades for yourself to experience first-hand the quality design built with your satisfaction in top-of-mind. Schedule an in-home consultation with one of our knowledgeable Norman Retail Partners and get the perfect solution for your home.

Whether you want to upgrade existing window treatments or need help recreating a particular look, one of our retail partners will work with you to bring your vision to life. With Norman, you can always have the perfect fit.