Norman SmartDrape and PerfectSheer Shades in Brighton, Tasmania

Catriona Rowntree warmly invites us to explore the charming town of Brighton, nestled just a short 20-minute drive from Hobart in scenic Tasmania. Homeowner, designer and builder Loretta, graciously opens the doors of her home to guide us through a delightful tour, revealing how she has seamlessly integrated Norman’s SmartDrape and PerfectSheer Shades into her elegant living and dining spaces.

“I wanted something that provided privacy as well as functionality that would let the light filter through and that’s exactly what the PerfectSheer Shade has done” – Loretta

Stepping into Loretta’s home, we are greeted by expansive windows that light the open-plan dining and living area, offering panoramic views of the stunning Tasmanian landscape from every angle. Loretta’s priority was to ensure that these picturesque views remained unobstructed by window furnishings while still enjoying the benefits of privacy and light control. There was also the challenge of finding window coverings for two very distinctive openings, a sliding door and picture windows that created a cohesive feel while providing different functionality. Norman’s solution was to use a combination of SmartDrape and PerfectSheer Shades, which not only fulfilled the specific needs of each opening but also had colour coordinated fabrics that did not disrupt the tranquil feel of the space.

“The SmartDrape Shade gave me the versatility I needed in front of the glass sliding doors” –Loretta

As Loretta guides us into the kitchen, our eyes are drawn to a magnificent square-shaped window framing the breathtaking Tasmanian hills. Despite initially considering Roller Blinds for this space, Loretta ultimately opted for Norman’s PerfectSheer Shade. This decision proved to be a no-brainer, as the PerfectSheer shade offered unparalleled versatility, diffusing natural light throughout the day and seamlessly blocking it out with its motorised function when needed. A delightful bonus of this feature was Loretta’s ability to effortlessly enjoy the captivating views with the shade completely folding away at the press of a button, thus maximising the scenic views.

“The SmartDrape is wonderful because they’re all individual so if there is only one or two that need to be washed you can just remove them.” – Loretta

Moving into the living area, we’re met with expansive glass sliding doors. Loretta, aiming to maximise the view yet retain privacy, opts for Norman’s SmartDrape. This choice perfectly complements the space, offering both functionality and versatility. She sought a solution that not only complemented the aesthetics of the room but also offered the flexibility to provide privacy when desired while remaining unobtrusive when pushed to the side. The SmartDrape emerges as the clear choice, effortlessly ticking all the boxes on Loretta’s list of requirements while its soft look harmonises effortlessly with the PerfectSheer in the kitchen.

“I love that the SmartDrape allows the breeze to flow through to the house and my dogs can come in and out as they please” – Loretta

By integrating the PerfectSheer and SmartDrape in the living area of Loretta’s home, the integrity of the breathtaking views enveloping this property remains intact. With Norman’s impeccable window treatments providing the final touches, Loretta has succeeded in crafting a home that seamlessly blends practicality, modernity, and tranquillity. Through her thoughtful selection of innovative solutions, Loretta has not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of her living space but also ensured a serene ambience that perfectly complements the natural splendour of her surroundings.

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