How To Choose The Right Window Covering Colour For Your Space

When investing in window coverings, you are making a home décor decision that will impact your living space in many ways. Getting the finer details right can complete your home and have you living in optimum comfort.

Although shutters and blinds can be fitted to almost any window, choosing the right colour for the room is important and can make a big impact. Whether you are adding window coverings to an existing room or designing your interior around your window coverings, the following points will help you to make a colour decision that is right for your space.

Interior Finishes

Matching your window frames with the colour of your walls is an effective choice as it creates a seamless finish within the home. For the coverings, it is best to match to your interior finishes.

For existing spaces, we recommend contrasting the window coverings to the flooring. If you have wooden floorboards featured within a space, opt for a Woodlore Shutter in a Pure White finish or a Crisp Linen Decoflex frame colour paired with an Antique White coloured fabric for your Honeycomb Blinds (pictured below).

For new spaces, think about how you want that room to be used. If the room is large, you have the opportunity to select darker colours, if the room is small; we suggest a light or neutral option as this will increase the size appearance of the space.

Room Functionality

The purpose of the space will determine the style of the window covering, as well as the colour. For example, if you are looking for window coverings in a bathroom, maximising the natural light available to the space is essential. For small bathrooms, in particular, you might want to choose a Pearl Woodlore Plus Waterproof Shutter so you have complete privacy
and light control – which is often essential for a bathroom. For a larger living area where your colour choice isn’t determined by the size of the room, you could opt for a Sheer PortraitTM Honeycomb Blind in a darker colour. This option offers high UV protection, whilst letting the natural light leak through.


When you’re thinking about how to choose the right colour window covering, ask yourself, how do you want your space to make you feel? Colour matching has an impact on the way that a room communicates its purpose and will impact how you feel when in the room.

Choosing a colour that reflects your preferred mood and style, but doesn’t compete for dominance with other interior elements, is a good way to go about choosing the right colour. For example, the mood in the living room may be reflective of natural and earthy tones, thus choosing natural coloured finishes for your window coverings. If the style of a room is modern and unique, your colour choice can reflect this with bold, out-there
choices. It’s important to remember not to mix these styles under the one roof. A good rule-of-thumb is choosing three colour options of the same style.

Statement Feature

You may want your window coverings to be the main feature of your room and complement the doors. This can be achieved by creating a connection with the current door coverings in the room. To allow the design of the window coverings to be a statement on their own, select colours that are neutral against the current wall art, and interior décor. For example,
in large living areas with a neutral colour palette, there is an opportunity to make a statement with a Matte Black finish. For rooms with colours and patterns in the décor, you could choose a white or beige finish on the coverings, frames and decorative detailing. For unique furnishings, Norman’s SmartPrivacyR Blinds have decorative ladder tape options to
complement a room that works cohesively with other furnishings within the room.

As you have complete control over your window covering colour, we understand that this can be a tough decision, which is why we walk beside you through every step of the process. To get to know the Norman Australia team and your options, enquire via our contact page and we will chat to you shortly.