How to choose the right window covering – Norman’s top tips!

How to know you’re choosing the right window coverings?

Here are our top 7 tips for choosing the right window coverings for your home or office.


Choosing the right window covering is one of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of any room. Whether you’re going for a fresh new look or adding some privacy, there are lots of different window coverings to choose from. Here are our top seven tips for choosing the right one for your home or office.


1. Location, Location, Location!

It’s imperative to consider the location of your window to determine which shutter, blind or shade will suit it best. If it’s going in a kitchen or bathroom, think about the amount of moisture created in the space. Will the product will be subjected to any splashing? If so, you will want to purchase a waterproof product such as our Woodlore Plus Waterproof.

The Woodlore Plus Waterproof product does not have one element that can be affected by water while still maintaining the same visual appearance as others in the Woodlore range. Ensuring your window coverings are harmonious from the bathroom to living space and everywhere in between.

The louvre is where the first adjustments are made to ensure 100% waterproofing. While a similar extruded ABS shape forms the surroundings, structural integrity is defined by the carbon fibre reinforcements that replace the LVL core. Not only do the carbon fibre reinforcements add exceptional strength to the design, but they also do not transfer any heat, unlike their metal counterparts.

With stainless steel hinges, screws and staples, a full ABS frame, and a ramp and ball catch system to latch; the Woodlore Plus Waterproof product boasts the ability to handle splash, sprays, and moisture, day after day.

This shows the harmonious flow from the bathroom to living space with the woodlore range. This is the number one tip to know you are choosing the right window covering for your space.

L: Woodlore Plus Shutters, R: Woodlore Plus Waterproof Shutters

2. What’s your style?

A window covering might be the easiest way to change the look and feel of any room, but often style prioritises functionality. The first thing to consider is what type of product you are thinking of for the space – maybe you like the sleek style of shutters, or you prefer the softness that roller blinds offer. Either way, once you pick your product, ensure the operation and quality are up to standard so it functions for as long as you need.

At Norman, we strive to exceed the highest industry standards in quality, service, selection, and value. From patented performance and safety-enhancing components, and award-winning product designs, to socially responsible processes in manufacturing and forestry, when we say we made it better, we truly do. The smooth operation of our products is the cornerstone of everything we build. So, we have worked, and continue to work so that we have an operating system for everyone meaning you can have style AND functionality.


3. Degree of light blockage

When it comes to fabric selections, the opacity depends on your view-through preferences. Sheer fabrics will provide an atmospheric touch with a significant view-through while softening the outside view. Light filtering fabrics offer a wide range of light diffusion from bright to dim, ensures privacy, and may reveal shapes or outlines depending on the fabric selected. For environments where blackout and privacy control are a must, room darkening fabrics are the perfect choice due to their ability to block almost 100% of incoming light.

If you’re a shift worker or have a child that sleeps during the day, light can dramatically impact the quality of sleep. Therefore, in these situations, we always recommend a room-darkening fabric. Better yet, we provide Light Guards for our Honeycomb Blinds and the innovative LightGuard360 for our Soluna Roller Blinds. The LightGuard 360 system incorporates housing the bottom and side channels that wrap around the edge of the blind to block any light that might leak through.


4. Easy Breezy & Temperature Control

If you’re looking for the ultimate control of ventilation, consider installing shutters throughout your home. Louvres on shutters can be placed in several positions, giving you control when it comes to how much light and breeze is let into your space. However, if range is not what you’re after, opt for a honeycomb or roller blind.

With 40% of your home’s heating and cooling lost through your windows, ensuring you have effective coverings to control your space’s temperature is imperative. In 2021, we participated in a study that uncovered that our Honeycomb Blinds were 55% more efficient than other window coverings. For more information on the energy savings and temperature control of our Portrait Honeycomb Blinds – visit this link. For more information about other ways to save energy visit this link.


5. Do you like to see regular visits from maintenance persons?

You may consider yourself to be handy at fixing things around the house, and if not, you probably have a maintenance person saved on your phone! But with the rise in the property market seeing a lot of short-term letting dwellings becoming available, the importance of trouble-free, maintenance-free products is paramount. While there may be cheaper window coverings on the market when looking at the upfront cost, it’s important to consider the ongoing repair and replacement costs that will likely follow those window furnishings throughout their (short-lived) life.

At Norman, our replacement and repairs are rare, and we believe in the quality of our product so much that we brought out our ‘No Questions Asked’ warranty. As the name suggests, you can get your product replaced regardless of the cause, unlike other warranties which are exclusion ridden.


6. A little bit different

If there is one thing you’ll learn when buying window furnishings, it’s that no two windows are the same! Sometimes the solution for one window is not right for the next, and then you look at your round window and think “There is no way I can put a shutter in there”. Luckily for you (and your round window) getting quality, custom-made window furnishings, means you can! Hard-to-reach, French doors, tall windows, glass sliding doors or circular windows – no matter the size, shape, or colour, we have you covered.

Selecting the right product for your window shape is a way to ensure you're choosing the right window covering. Norman custom makes all shapes and sizes

Special shaped shutters

7. Safety never takes a holiday

Even the most safety-conscious parents may be unaware of the risks that certain window furnishings pose to their little ones – kids and small pets! The best kid-friendly option for your windows is our cordless blinds (both Soluna Roller and Portrait Honeycombs). There are no dangling cords that can be wrapped around a child’s neck, and the blinds can be easily lowered and raised without cords getting in the way. And because safety is our number one priority, even our motorised shutters come standard with obstruction detection so your little one’s hands and fluffy paws are never going to get squished in a closing louvre.


As a leading manufacturer of custom-made shutters, blinds and shades, our favourite window furnishing is the Norman Blockout Shutter. This unique window covering solution combines style and functionality by seamlessly integrating the block-out Portrait Honeycomb blind behind our world-renowned shutter, offering ultimate light, privacy, and ventilation control. It truly is the best option for a stylish finish that blocks out the light.

A lady in a green dress operating Norman's Blockout Shutter which is a Honeycomb or Cell Blind behind a Shutter. This is Norman's top pick for the best window covering

Blockout Shutter

We have revealed our top tips for picking the right window covering for your home or office. Share with your friends and family and if you need any further help in picking the right furnishings for your windows, email us at [email protected]