Light Control and Privacy at your Fingertips with PerfectTilt

The digital age is well and truly upon us with consumer convenience and ease of use driving the future evolution of many products. As our lives have become more hectic we seek out new products or adaptations to existing products in the home that will save us time and energy and offer us and our families greater functionality and more comfortable lifestyles. With plantation shutters gaining wide popularity throughout Australia homes over last 20 years there have been very few manufacturers who have dared to bring shutters into the 21st century by offering a smart and affordable automation solution. Now with Norman’s PerfectTilt ™ solar charged motorisation combined with the Invisible Tilt™ concealed rotation system, the perfect shutter automation is now available to Australian home owners.

Since launching the G4 (iOS integrated) PerfectTilt shutter automation system on the market, Norman has won international awards for its unique design and functionality. It didn’t come easy as earlier generations of shutter automation introduced by Norman experienced a number of shortcomings and limitations all of which have been fully resolved in the latest G4 PerfectTilt offering. Motorisation took years to get right in other window furnishing products, mainly due to the prohibitive cost of the previous generation automation technologies. But now due to the rapid pace of technological developments especially with the advent of WiFi, Bluetooth and lithium batteries automation options have become more affordable and more convenient to integrate into existing home automation networks.

Manually operated shutters have been around for years in the Australian market. When you think about some of the annoyances of shutters like banks of louvers tilted at different angles and having to manually micro adjust each set of louvres, this is where Norman’s PerfectTilt™ comes into its own. Norman’s PerfectTilt also offers a convenient solution for light control and privacy for multiple shutter panels and those shutter installations that are out of reach, keeping their louvres aligned perfectly for all times throughout the day or night.

With the simple twist of a dial or swipe of a finger on your iPhone, all of your louvres will be perfectly aligned. Imagine lying in bed and letting the new day flood into your room with everything perfectly aligned. It’s easy now and for much less than the cost of early 240v automation.

Norman has put the power to command your shutters in the palm of your hands. You can control a single shutter, a room of shutters or every shutter in your house – exactly how you want it. The PerfectTilt ™ App tracks battery power and when paired with the hub option, enables control through iPhone or iPad. It is the ultimate in seamless and

effortless control, PerfectTilt™ includes an auto switch feature that changes tilt methods automatically.

Go from iPhone/iPad tilt to manual hand tilt, to tilt with the premium metal remote control, featuring dial adjustment. There is no need to flip any extra switches or to take any extra steps. Plus, the optional repeater increases signal range for reliable control on large homes.

Each motor includes a solar panel to extend battery life, sometimes for years on a single charge when installed in sunny locations – for the ultimate in energy efficiency. Plus, get extra child and pet safety with the built-in sensor that stops louver rotation when obstructed.

The motors come pre-installed and pre-programmed from the factory. You can even select which motors you want paired with which others. All you need to do is to install your Norman shutters, check the operation and instantly you will have a very happy customer.

Motorisation is a great opportunity for retailers to increase their average sale value, move away from the race to the bottom selling cheaper and cheaper products, whilst giving you the ability to increase your margins.

Motorisation is perfect for hard to reach windows, but as the popularity is growing, more and more customers are seeing the benefits of being able to operate their shutters from their iPhone or iPads, even remotely!

For less than you think, your customers can now access world leading technology, design awarded, trouble free shutter motorisation.