PerfectSheer Spotlight: The Features of Norman’s First Soft-Vaned Blind and Where To Incorporate Them In Your Home

PerfectSheer shades are best known for balancing light, privacy and view in your home. Their three layer soft-shade composition, allows you to effortlessly change the opacity as you transition from sheer to light filtering or room darkening, with the simple pull of a cord.

PerfectSheer shades uplift any décor to a new level of functionality, elegance and style, here are its features and how you can incorporate PerfectSheer into your home.

  1. Versatility & Superior Closure

PerfectSheer’s design incorporates two layers of sheer drapery connected by a soft light filtering or room darkening fabric vane. This creates a luxuriously soft window covering with the combined versatility of a venetian blind and roller shade – offering the best of both worlds. The unique design and innovative operating system offers the snuggest vane closure of any product in its category. During operation, the vanes can be fully raised or lowered without obstructing the view. Operation systems include a manual pull cord, motorisation or an optional magnetic hold down for the hem bar, which eliminates the clanging hem bars in the middle of the night keeping you and your family awake – the perfect covering for the bedroom. 

  1. Light & Privacy Options

Light and privacy control are the top considerations for most homeowners when choosing a window covering. Whether to block out light in a bedroom, reduce glare in a living room, or utilise natural light to brighten a space, different opacities in a window covering can filter or deflect sunlight depending on your needs.

The level of light block will coincide with the level of privacy and with PerfectSheer you can customise the fabrics to suit your needs and home décor. Have the option of selecting light filtering vanes for an ambient glow throughout your home during the day or room darkening vanes for maximum light control and privacy during the night or day. To minimise light leakage, you can choose matching aluminium or wood light guards to block unwanted light bleed from around the sides of the shade and a PVC light block at the top of the shade. 

PerfectSheer also features a Woven Seam Assembly – most manufacturers join their 3D fabrics by either gluing, sewing or heat fusing whereas PerfectSheer’s three layers of fabric are woven together to stay looking great under the harsh Australian sun.

  1. Elegant Top Treatments and Fashionable Fabrics

The PerfectSheer range comes with a selection of decorative valance and facia top treatments which provides an elegant finish to the top of the shade and minimises light bleed. With PerfectSheer, you can choose from a wide range of luxurious fabrics to match with or provide contrast to your existing interiors. 

See the links below to explore your fabric options:

Light filtering samples

Room darkening samples

The versatility, customisation options and modern effect of the PerfectSheer Shades truly complement any interior style. For optimal results with PerfectSheer, we recommend featuring them in the areas of the home you want to maximise your privacy and light control. 

For more information, click to download the brochure on PerfectSheer or enquire with Norman Australia today.