PerfectSheer Shades

PerfectSheer Shades

PerfectSheer shades provides the perfect solution for the control of light, privacy and view. With Norman’s innovative PerfectSheer three layered soft shades you can progressively change the opacity of the shade, transitioning from sheer to light filtering or room darkening, all at the simple pull of a cord.

Available in a wide range of fabric textures and colours, PerfectSheer shades uplift any décor to a new level of functionality, elegance and style. PerfectSheer shades also include a magnetic hold down option for the hem bar on request and is available in 14 colours to match with the shade hardware or surrounding joinery. No more clanging hem bars in the middle of the night keeping you and your family awake.

Features & Benefits

With PerfectSheer, enjoy the benefits of natural daylight diffusing into your home through the open sheer fabric offering your family excellent outside visibility and a modest degree of privacy. When the light becomes too bright, simply close the soft-fold vanes to provide superior insulation for your home reducing the heat, glare and damage from the sun’s harsh UV rays.


PerfectSheer’s design incorporates two layers of sheer drapery connected by a soft light filtering or room darkening fabric vane. This creates a luxurious soft window covering with the combined versatility of a venetian blind and roller shade… Offering the best of both worlds all in one shade.

Superior Closure

PerfectSheer’s unique design and innovative operating system offers the snuggest vane closure of any product in its category, providing homeowners the ultimate in privacy and light control.

Light Control and Privacy Options

Pick and choose PerfectSheer’s fabrics to suit your needs. Select light filtering vanes for an ambient glow throughout your home during the day or room darkening vanes for maximum light control and privacy during the night or day. Also you can choose matching aluminium or wood light guards to block unwanted light bleed from around the sides of the shade and a PVC light block at the top of the shade.

Woven Seam Assembly

Most manufacturers join their 3D fabrics by either gluing, sewing or heat fusing. PerfectSheer’s three layers of fabric are woven together to stay looking great under the harsh Australian sun.

Elegant and Functional Top Treatments

The PerfectSheer range comes with a selection of decorative valance and facia top treatments which provides an elegant finish to the top of the shade and minimises light bleed.

Wide Range of Luxurious Fabrics

Choose from a wide range of PerfectSheer’s luxurious fabrics to match with or provide contrast with your existing décor. See the links below to explore your options:

Light Filtering Samples

Room Darkening Samples

Product Details

Minimum Dimensions

305 mm

305 mm

Maximum Dimensions

2489 mm

2489 mm

PerfectSheer Motorisation

Effortless power

Whether you prefer the convenience of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or the constant power supply of an AC adaptor plug-in, charging your PerfectSheer Motorisation has never been easier. Recharge the long-lasting, durable batteries via a cable connection or choose the AC adaptor option for uninterrupted power, seamlessly integrated within your shade. Both choices offer extended convenience, allowing you to enjoy your shade consistently.

Intuitive remote design

Enhance convenience by programming an unlimited number of shades to a single remote, granting control over your entire home with a single command. Effortlessly optimise your views or ensure privacy with shortcut keys, allowing you to set and transition between your preferred shade positions in one touch.

Quiet Operation

PerfectSheer’s Motorisation is where elegance and quiet efficiency effortlessly coexist. The carefully engineered motor operates in a quiet manner, creating serene transitions with minimal noise disruptions.