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automated norman australia shutters

PerfectTilt™ Shutter

Home Automation with Flair

  • iPhone and iPad control with hub (optional)
  • Quick response to tilt commands
  • 8 pre-programmed louvre positions and one custom position with remote
  • Over 30 customer louvre positions with dial
  • Louvres can be tilted by hand, remote or app (via hub) without the need for flipping switches nor the risk of damage because of incorrect switch settings
  • Two long-lasting rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries per module unit last up to 1 year on a single change via USB port
  • High efficiency solar panel included for extending battery charge
  • Water repellent module units
  • Built-in jam protection for child and pet safety

Put the power to command your shutters in the palm of your hands. Control a single shutter, a room or shutters or every shutter in your house – exactly how you want it. The PerfectTilt ™ App tracks battery power and when paired with the hub option, enables control through iPhone or iPad. The ultimate in seamless and effortless control, PerfectTilt includes an auto switch feature that changes tilt methods automatically. Go from iPhone/iPad tilt to manual hand tilt, to tilt with the premium metal remote control featuring dial adjustment. There is no need to flip any extra switches or to take any extra steps. Plus, the optional repeater increases signal range for reliable control on large homes.

Each shutter also includes a solar panel to extend battery life, sometimes for years on a single charge when installed in exceptionally sunny locations – for the ultimate in energy efficiency. Plus, get extra child and pet safety with the built-in sensor that stops louver rotation when needed.

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Louvre Sizes

Larger louvres create panels with fewer louvres and wider views.






Choosing Your Panel Layout

Panel layout can depend on window width and configuration. Fewer and wider panels achieve a more contemporary look with an open view, but if panels are to be opened the situation around the window is more critical the wider the panels become. Extra wide panels are available in select shutter materials. For those smaller rooms where space is at a premium, narrower panels are more functional but give the décor a more traditional look.

Single Panel

Double Panel

Multiple Panel

Standard Tilt

Offset Tilt

Divider Rail

Split Tilt


Deco Frames

The Deco series is for outside mount applications and creates the look of a custom framed window. Suitable for all interior wall surfaces deco frames decorate the window opening while covering up any geometrical imperfections.

50 mm Camber

The 50 mm Camber Deco Frame offers a refreshing update to the Classic Deco Frame and comes with traditional bead details and a more streamlined design.

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50 mm Classic

The 50 mm Classic Deco Frame offers a dashing and traditional look great for matching medium moldings and a more formal look.

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63 mm Mission

A bold and invigorating take on a classic, the 63mm Mission Deco Frame is ready to complement contemporary decors.

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76 mm Ridge

The 76 mm Ridge Deco Frame offers a bold and traditional look great for matching heavier moldings and a more formal look.

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L frames are usually for outside mount applications and gives you a clean and traditional look, which has made itself a classic. Again, suitable for all interior wall surfaces L-Frames simply dress the window opening while covering up any geometrical imperfections. If your window openings are very square and have sufficient depth L- Frames can also be used as an inside mount option to reduce the window opening footprint of the shutter.

Vintage L Frame

Presented here with vintage beaded details, the L frame is the frame type that started it all. It incorporates a unique insert cover strip which easily hides any face fixings.

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Beaded L Frame

Presented here with classic and simple lines, the L frame is just simply elegant and under stated.

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Z frames are for inside mount applications creating shutter installations that are aligned with the face of the reveal opening and don’t protrude into the room. There are a range of Z frame styles  which can either create a big shutter presence or a minimalist compact appearance. Also, again if your windows have some geometrical imperfections (i.e. out of square) Z frames are a great installation method to hide the opening flaws.

31 mm Beaded

The 31 mm Beaded Z Frame offers a smart and compact look with a touch of detail provided by the single outer beaded profile.

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38mm & 50mm Bullnose

The 38 mm & 50mm Bullnose Z Frame offers a fresh contemporary look with no beading just sleek clean lines. The favorite choice for new home owners looking to create a minimalistic interior feel.

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76 mm Crown

The 76 mm Crown Z Frame offers a bold and traditional look, great for matching heavier moldings and a more formal look.

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50 mm Bel Air

The 50 mm Bel Air Z Frame offers a dashing and traditional look again great for matching medium moldings and a more formal look.

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mission sill norman australia shutters

Mission Sill Cap

The mission sill cap offers modern style and can “cap” most marble or stone sills effectively building out the sill for a more traditional look. The sill cap can also create a sill if the existing window opening is without a sill.

Norman Australia Mission sill frame

Mission Sill Frame

Compared to the mission sill cap, the mission sill frame offers a more petite sill with less projection into the room.

Standard and Custom Width T-Posts

If your window falls into one of the following categories, our standard and custom size T-Post widths are available:

  • Need to support shutters across wide window expanses
  • Divide large window openings into smaller openings
  • Match panel location to specific window mullion locations
  • To ensure consistent shutter panel widths
  • Other specific design criteria

Other T-Post Options include:

  • Horizontal T-post
  • Bay window T-post
  • Corner T-Post

Bow Post Option

Bay Post Option

Corner Post Option

Norman’s Unique Adjustable T-Posts now standard

  • Norman unique adjustable shutter T-Post makes installing shutters in wider openings a breeze
  • Adjustment takes only seconds with a screwdriver to get that perfect shutter alignment
  • Available for vertical and horizontal T-Posts

Direct Mount Options

Hang Strip

The hang strip is a very compact installation method and if installed inside the window opening behind the shutter panel can give you the look of having no frame at all. This provides a minimal look with the shutter panels footprint completely inside the window opening. Note the opening has to be very square for such an installation. For those out of square windows the hang strip can also be face mounted outside the window reveal but note leave at least a 12mm gap between the edge of the window reveal and inside edge of the hang strip to provide a light block (top, bottom and sides) for the installation.

Can be installed on:

  • Square edge plaster board or concrete reveals with trim
  • Square edge plaster board or concrete reveals without trim
  • Wood reveals with trim
  • Wood reveals without trim

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Direct Mount

Shutters can be ordered with no frame or hang strips at all. They can be mounted directly within the window opening. A great look with pre-existing window frame joinery. However, the window opening needs to be square and specialised hinges are available from Norman for such installations.

Can be installed on:

  • Wood reveals with trim
  • Wood reveals without trim

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Speciality Shutter Options

Special Shapes

Norman shutters come in all shapes and sizes. All Norman wood shutter programs are available in special shape options which includes standard special shapes or non-standard special shapes Special shapes may require templating to ensure the perfect fit in your very special window.

See how these shapes are handcrafted

DayNite™ Shutter

Norman’s DayNite™ shutter combines a single compact corded honeycomb shade installed to a batten behind the shutter frame providing the ultimate dimming effect, energy efficiency and noise dampening for any room in the home.

DayNite™ shutters can significantly calm and darken your room blocking out up to 97% of UV light. Coupled with the shutter, a virtually blackout room darkening effect is created. A perfect solution for shutters in a bedroom, a home theatre, or anywhere light control is critical. Not only does the added insulation in DayNite™ shutters help to lower your utility bills, it makes your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. We utilise the same quality honeycomb fabric found Norman’s Portrait Honeycomb Collection.


Cutout A

Curved cutout solution for both handles and doorknobs that creates a finished look flush with the frame.


Cutout B

Curved cutout for both handles and doorknobs is offset to accommodate the door handle, base plate or lock plate. It is also raised to accommodate the projection of door trim around the glass.


Cutout C

Square cutout solution for both handles and doorknobs that creates a finished look flush with the frame.


Cutout D

Square cutout solution for both handles and doorknobs that creates a finished look flush with the frame.


Cutout E

Shutter with 60 degree angle cut out. The cutout is with batten on the back of the panel.


Cutout F

Shutter with rectangular cutout and includes batten on the back of the panel.


Just as it says, when the panel is closed you cannot see hinge at all.  This options is available on all programs except Woodlore and Ultra.

Panel Pulls

Help to assist with opening of bifold panels or accomplish a specific look.  Match 16 different hinge colours.

Flush Bolts

Used for safety, ensuring a panel can’t be opened.  Most popular in children’s rooms and on second story bedrooms.