The perfect window furnishing solution.

Norman’s Shutter+Shade is a recent addition to the Norman’s shutter range and provides an alternative to the existing Norman Day/Nite product. Shutter+Shade introduces the F frame developed specifically to allow for a more seamless integrated option, which combines the best of both the shutter and Portrait honeycomb programs into one window covering solution. Shutters are naturally the best solution for privacy and light control, with the ability to position the louvers precisely, but they are not a 100% blackout product. That is where the honeycomb shade, with its room darkening fabric range and tight fit, really creates the ability to make a space as dark as possible.

No light can pass through the block out honeycomb material with its aluminium core and any small amount of light around the sides that might leak in, is easily prevented by the unique F-frame design. Norman has taken the traditional frame system and innovated a frame within a frame, to fully encase a room darkening honeycomb shade. This keeps the unit nice and compact and provides the best light limitation anywhere. The honeycomb shade also greatly improves the insulation for the room in both temperature and sound. Honeycomb shades can reduce up to 34% of energy used due to their insulating properties. If you are looking for the best room darkening, best insulating window treatment available, you can’t go past Norman’s ShutterShade. Norman also has a Day/Night Shutter and Shade combination option as well.

Features & Benefits

Sleek design

Unique Concealed Fixing

Available in 64, 76 and 89mm Louvre Sizes

Light Control and Privacy

The Original and Best Using Norman Components

Design Inspiration