Blockout Shutter

Blockout Shutter - the perfect window furnishing solution

Norman’s Blockout Shutter is a recent addition to Norman’s shutter range. The Blockout Shutter introduces a SmartFit bottom up Honeycomb developed specifically to allow for a more seamless integration; combining the best of the shutter and Portrait honeycomb products into one window covering solution. Shutters are naturally the best solution for privacy and light control, with the ability to position the louvres precisely, but they are not a 100% blackout product. That is where the honeycomb shade, with its room-darkening fabric range and tight fit, really creates the ability to make a space as dark as possible.

No light can pass through the block-out honeycomb material with its aluminium core, and any small amount of light around the sides that might leak in is easily prevented by the unique design. Norman has taken the traditional system and innovated a frame within a frame to fully encase a room-darkening honeycomb shade. This keeps the unit nice and compact and provides the best light limitation anywhere. The honeycomb shade also greatly improves the insulation for the room in both temperature and sound. Honeycomb shades can reduce up to 34% of the energy used due to their insulating properties. If you are looking for the best room darkening and insulating window treatment, you can’t go past Norman’s Blockout Shutter.

What are Blockout Shutters?

Window shutters are a centuries-old invention that provides practical solutions for multiple needs. Besides their traditional purpose of providing privacy, these window coverings can also be used to control the amount of light entering a room, protect against weather elements, and enhance the aesthetics of a building exterior.

Shutters come in a variety of styles, including louvres (both operable and fixed, horizontal and vertical), solid panels, fabric, glass, or any combination thereof. As such, they can increase property value while simultaneously acting as functional decorative accents.

What are the features and benefits of a blockout shutter?

Sleek Design 

Norman window shutters are designed with a slimline aesthetic to fit seamlessly into your home décor, offering an unobtrusive yet stylish look. Available in a variety of colours, they offer an elegant solution that will enhance any room in your house.

Unique Concealed Fixing 

Norman window shutters feature a unique concealed fixing system which makes them aesthetically pleasing from both the inside and outside of your home. This clever design allows installation without visible screws or fixings, creating an uninterrupted finish that looks great from both sides of the blockout shutter.  

Available in 64, 76, and 89mm Louvre Sizes 

The louvre sizes available when choosing Norman window shutters to come in three options; 64mm louvres (ideal for smaller windows), 76mm louvres (perfect for standard-size windows) or 89mm louvres (suitable for larger windows). The adjustable tilt rod also provides flexibility when it comes to controlling how much light enters your room – allowing you to adjust accordingly as necessary. 

Light Control and Privacy

Light control is one of the primary benefits of using Norman window shutters which means you can reduce glare from direct sunlight while still enjoying natural lighting during the daytime hours. Additionally, Norman’s range offers superior privacy and noise reduction – helping you create a peaceful environment within your home no matter what’s going on outside it.

The Original and Best Using Norman Components 

Last but not least is a quality assurance! When it comes to investing in quality products like these window shutter shades from Norman, you want everything included - from colour consistency to durability - all backed by a trusted manufacturer who has been creating innovative shades since 1974. The original and best using only genuine Norman components - this means our Blockout Shutter won't just look good, but they will last too.

Trusted by Australian families for over 20 years.


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