Shutter Styles

norman australia full height shutters

Full Height

Our most popular style that creates a real sense of scale and clean lines from top to bottom. Just simple and elegant.

norman australia custom shutters

Cafe shutter

Adding a touch of continental style the panels only cover the bottom half of your windows. Allows plenty of light to fill your room while maintain a degree of privacy.

norman australia double hung shutters

Double Hung

By operating the top and bottom panels independently you have ultimate control over the light and your view and privacy.

norman australia bay window shutters

Bay Windows

Beautiful square and Victorian bay windows can be transformed by made to measure full height, double hung or Café style Norman shutters.

waterproof norman australia bathroom shutters

Solid Panels

For a more traditional finish to your windows, solid panels block out the light when closed and provide an additional barrier to the outside elements. Also Norman offers options to mix solid segments with louvre segments throughout the height of the panels. A classic look for older period homes.

norman australia tracked shutters

Tracked Shutters

Adding top and bottom tracks allows you to create wide stunning window and door openings that offer ultimate functionality. Choosing from Norman’s many bi-fold or bypass tracked options you can operate multiple panels in one smooth motion. Options include 90° and 180° bi-fold and open and closed louvre bypass systems.

Tracked Shutter Options

Specialty Shapes

Even the most unusual of window shapes can be dressed with Norman shutters. Popular styles include arches, circles, gables and triangles. Feature windows have never looked so good. Not applicable to Woodlore.

See how these shapes are handcrafted

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