Sit back and take in all the possibilities. Every element of a Norman Shutter is custom crafted for timeless quality and perfection. No other shutter maker is as innovative or as diverse and dynamic in choices. From frame to hardware, louver to finish – each Norman Shutter is made to suit your vision perfectly.


For whichever product you choose, all our shutters are made with a Norman Promise. We build quality into every Norman product to ensure long-term performance and value. The result is a trouble-free product ownership experience. Norman stands behind all of its shutter products with a 5 year ‘No Questions Asked’ warranty.


Woodlore and Woodlore Plus (the world’s bestselling shutters) are made from sustainable wood, grown and processed in Australia, proudly supporting Australian forestry and manufacturing industries.

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Why Norman doesn’t sell PVC shutters?

Norman’s shutter programs are based on trouble-free product design, quality, range and value for money pricing. In Australia where the differences between seasonal and even daily temperatures can be extreme, this can be a big problem particularly for larger panels where PVC panel components may shrink, expand, bow and twist. PVC is a thermoplastic so shutter panels and frames will experience dimensional variation in response to changes in temperature. Heat stability of PVC is very poor, so the addition of a heat stabilizer during the process is necessary in order to ensure the product’s properties. Traditional product PVC has a maximum operating temperature around 60 °C when heat distortion begins to occur. Read more.