Norman SmartPrivacy invents the future for Normandy wood and fauxwood venetian blinds.

SmartPrivacy blinds include a wide range of operating options from corded, cordloop, cordloop SmartRelease and cordless operation. All designed for ease of operation and ultimate light and privacy control. Headrail options include valance free decorative aluminium or PolyDeco rails, which can be dressed by multiple valance options. All available in a wide range of matching finishes and colours. 


Ingenuity for what matters most

All Norman blinds are made to be enjoyed by everyone. Our products feature child-safe designs, utilise non-toxic materials and meet stringent international safety standards.

‘Best for Kids’ certified cordless

Experience a new level of performance, safety and flawless daily operation. Norman cordless blinds are ‘Best for Kids’ certified and comply with the latest ANSI/WCMA standards. Norman cordless blinds are more level when raised, won’t cause slat-related problems such as slat-shift, and build with proprietary technology to assure easy-pull adjustment.

Safe Paint & Lead-safe

Feel rest assured. All Norman window furnishings are free from lead and soluble heavy metals such as cadmium and arsenic.

Safety Cord release device for all corded blinds

Designed to protect young children, infants and pets from the risk of cord entanglements. The device not only consolidates all cords but deploys if something gets caught in them.

Single cord lift for corded blinds

The Norman single cord lift elegantly consolidates all cords for easy operation, extra safety and streamlined appearance.