Soluna Spotlight: The Features of Norman’s Most Innovative Roller Blind

Roller shades can transform a room’s environment by seamlessly enhancing windows, they create the illusion of height and add a layer of warmth and softness to any space.

Norman has taken the humble roller blind and created Soluna Roller Shades, where you get so much more out of your furnishing choice than traditional roller blinds. Since it’s Australian launch in July 2020, the Soluna Roller Shade lends itself to everything you love about a roller blind, and more. Here, we deep dive into the features of our most innovative roller blind and how they can seamlessly optimise your home. 

Trending Fabrics 

Our carefully curated fabric range has been hand-selected by our dedicated design team to deliver a Norman exclusive colour palette and range of timeless patterns, plains, and soft sheers to easily incorporate into any space and create a beautiful lasting interior.

Choosing the fabrics for your Soluna is simple. There are two ways to go about selecting the colour or pattern – either a shade that will blend perfectly with your walls and hard furnishings or an option to contrast and make a statement. 

When you partner with a Certified Norman Retailer, you receive styling advice and guidance within our showrooms to ensure you choose the perfect fit. 

Sheer & Blockout Options

Each fabric within the collection provides different levels of light control depending on your needs. Our sheer fabrics are light filtering and allow the light to trickle in without being too harsh. They feature a soft, lightweight fabric that elegantly diffuses sunlight to naturally brighten up a room while also retaining some daytime privacy. Ideal for living and dining rooms, they add a modern layer of softness to the space and look great layered over windows.

To optimise light and privacy control, our room darkening fabrics are great for keeping the morning sun out of bedrooms, street lights at night and temperature control. 

With Soluna, you then have the opportunity for both with our Dual Shade feature. The beauty of two shades in one, the dual layered approach features one shade behind the other using a slim staggered bracket for the ultimate in versatility. Sheer and blockout in the one covering has never been so stunning. 

Convenient Operation

For either corded or cordless operation, you can customise Soluna to feature industry-leading technology of both options. An exclusive one touch lift technology for quick and accurate control, PrecisionLift is our cordless technology for the Soluna Roller Shade. The shade stops exactly where you want, without having to catch the right spot in the roller revolution. Importantly Soluna PrecisionLift gives retailers an alternative for the ultimate in child safety, eliminating the traditional chain operation. If choosing a corded operation, SmartRelease allows for a quiet lowering of the shade with one touch. With a single pull on the chain, the blind lowers and can be stopped at any point on its journey. 

Want more? Even fascias and valances have been innovated with the use of a unique raceway, that not only makes fitting the shade easier, it also allows quick and easy installation of the top treatments.

Whatever features you choose for Soluna, you are guaranteed to fall in love with the innovative technology.

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