Timber Venetian Blinds: The Forgotten Product

Timber Venetian Blinds have come a long way since the 90’s and it might just be time to revisit them.

Custom made timber venetian blinds had their heyday in the 1990’s a little while before shutters became mass market popular. Timber blinds provided a flexibility that roller blinds can’t. They provide privacy, light control and air flow, whereas roller blinds are one-dimensional. They are either up, or down.

Timber Venetian blinds used to only operate with cords, which we now know can be a child strangulation hazard. Slats in timber venetian blinds had holes punched in the slats for the cords, which let in a lot of light and did not allow good closure. Worse still was the big light gap between the top slat and the bottom of the headrail when the slats were closed, mostly clumsily hidden behind a valance.

What many people overlook is how well timber blinds compliment shutters. If a whole house lot of shutters is just too big an investment, it could be time to consider replacing some of the shutters to SmartPrivacy timber venetian blinds!

Norman’s SmartPrivacy Timber Venetian Blinds come in matching colours to their shutter ranges and seamlessly work with them to provide a great solution to suit most budgets.

Norman’s SmartPrivacy blinds have cordless and cord-loop operating systems. SmartPrivacy also have the added option of SmartRelease, a one pull lowering feature that lowers your blind quietly and automatically once activated. There are other options like wide ladder tape for a designer look, more environmentally friendly coating systems and different sized slats, with the slats operated using a wand rather than cords, which eliminates a child safety hazard.

The materials used in SmartPrivacy are sustainably harvested timber or low VOC Fauxwoods and come in 50 and 63mm sized slats. It’s always best to check with a supplier if choosing Fauxwood, as sustainability and VOC emissions have become a major factor in a final decision.

The major issue of light leakage through slat holes has been overcome with SmartPrivacy’s clever design to eliminate the cord holes. SmartPrivacy timber venetian blinds have addressed the issue of the unsightly gap at the top usually seen in traditional timber venetian blinds. Norman’s SmartPrivacy top slat, nestles neatly into purpose designed channel to eliminate light leakage.

Check out Norman SmartPrivacy Blinds with patented features and design awards for an amazing range of options and affordable window treatments at normanaustralia.com.au