Welcome to Norman's Training Academy

Training Courses & Content

  • Introduction to Norman, our culture and what makes us tick
  • Obtain in-depth knowledge of the whole Norman range
  • Obtain crucial training in portal ordering
  • Get hands-on experience with all the products in the showroom
  • Review all product changes since you may have attended a full Certification Training
  • Brief overview of operating systems and unique features and benefits for each program
  • Maintain your certification status in between full Certification Training sessions
  • Solidify the value proposition of being a Norman Certified Retail Partner
  • Acquire the necessary skills to measure & install all Norman products with ease
  • Learn tips and tricks unique to Norman installations to ensure a quick and easy install
  • Fit real-life examples of tracked shutters and bay windows, along with other tricky applications
  • Review product expectations to ensure the product looks perfect before leaving the home
  • Learn about the unique selling proposition of the Norman range
  • A full length course about increasing sales and client experience
  • Learn how to sell all Norman products to increase profitability and close rate
  • Gain real-life experience selling Norman products using our industry leading samples suit

Training Registration

Please fill in the details below to register for a training session. 

*Please make sure if you are registering for sales or certification refresher training that you will have attended a certification training session prior to these training sessions. 

    Certification TrainingCertification Refresher TrainingInstaller TrainingSales Training


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    20 Jun 20245 Sep 2024

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