The Window Coverings to Introduce Natural Light In Winter

Maximising daylight makes a room feel brighter, bigger and more welcoming. In the cooler months, increasing the daylight in your home can change the space for the better and make the colder days feel more pleasant. Whether you’re renovating your home, adding an extension or simply looking for clever window covering tricks to make the most of natural daylight, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here, we run through the best Norman window coverings to create a light-filled home.

Filter Light from Large Windows with PerfectSheer

PerfectSheer’s design incorporates two layers of sheer drapery connected by a soft light-filtering or room darkening fabric vane. This creates a luxuriously soft window covering with the combined versatility of a venetian blind and roller shade.

The vanes can be fully raised or lowered without obstructing the view or light penetration. Operation systems include a manual pull cord, motorisation or an optional magnetic hold down for the hem bar. This eliminates the clanging hem bars in the middle of the night that often keep you and your family awake. 

During the day, simply open the soft-fold vanes to filter in the natural light without the harsh UV rays that come with uncovered windows. At night, there is the option to close the soft-fold vanes to provide superior insulation for your home that reduces the chill and gives you privacy at night.

To optimise the natural light, we recommend PerfectSheer in the bedroom or living rooms with small to medium sized windows.

Enhance Your Living Room with Soluna Roller Shades

Our Soluna fabrics provide different levels of light control depending on your needs. The sheer fabrics are light-filtering and allow the light to trickle in without being too harsh. They feature a soft, lightweight fabric that elegantly diffuses sunlight to naturally brighten up a room while also retaining some daytime privacy. 

With Soluna, you then have the opportunity to add a room-darkening fabric layer to your shade with our Dual Shade feature. The dual layered approach features one shade behind the other using a slim staggered bracket for the ultimate in versatility. This is perfect for the cooler months as you can use the sheer fabric shade during the day, to maximise the light and pull down the block-out shade at night to keep the warm air in and block out any unwanted light. 

To optimise light control, we recommend our Dual Shade feature on the Soluna Roller Shades as our sheer light-filtering fabrics in combination with our room darkening fabrics in your living or dining room on medium to large size windows. 

Tracked Shutters for Door Openings

For maximum daylight penetration on your sliding doors, we recommend our tracked shutter options. Adding top and bottom tracks allows you to create wide stunning window and door openings that offer ultimate functionality by way of eliminating any view or light obstruction.

During the cooler months, our shutters can completely open and fold back to the wall either side with our 180 bi-fold feature, optimising the natural light available to the space through the doors. At night, simply pull closed the shutters and louvers for complete privacy and light block. 

We recommend shutters for any room in the home, including the bathroom and laundry as we offer a wide variety within our Shutter Ranges that involve waterproof options – making choosing an option that is right for your interior decor and needs, seamless. 

For more information, or to find an Official Norman Retail Partner near you, enquire with Norman Australia today.