Woodlore Plus Shutters

This new product features combined with an enhanced EWC stile core make the Woodlore Plus shutter program stronger, tougher and more versatile than ever before.

  • Advanced strength, technology and options. It’s Woodlore but more. Woodlore Plus is a hybrid shutter utilising a lightweight yet durable ABS for its louvres.
  • The louvres are made with high-grade recyclable ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) built with aircraft-inspired construction for maximum strength and stiffness.
  • In good company. ABS is a material often used in high-endurance applications such as appliances, car parts and helmets.
  • Woodlore Plus’s advanced design facilitates wider panels, over 20% wider than Woodlore. Available up to 920mm, which means it can span wider than many PVC products with much less weight.
  • Environmentally Friendly and Safe – All the materials chosen for Norman shutters are done with the environment and your family’s safety in mind. From sustainable and legally sourced wood products to safe and recyclable high-grade polymers and wood composites. Nurtured from our forests to our factories to your home.
  • Trouble-free “Invisible Tilt” system supplied with no surcharge. The louvres move in unison like magic with no visible tilt rod. Invisible Easy Tilt’s louvre drive gear system is built into each stile and operates louvres flawlessly with precision light and view control.
  • More colour choices with over 25 standard colours or optional custom colours and a waterproof option. Now Woodlore Plus (G2) louvres are 15% thicker and have engineered timber louvre inserts.
  • The Laminated Veneered Lumber (LVL) core, means the imperfections of timber have been removed, which results in a more structurally sound shutter when compared with competitor’s timber shutters.
  • ABS louvres to provide long term stability, durability and functionality. ABS has high impact resistance and the ability to remain strong and durable in even the most trying environments. Available in 5 louvre sizes, 47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm.
  • ABS is harmless in that it has no known carcinogens, and there are no known adverse health effects related to exposure to ABS. The same cannot be said for PVC, with the EU banning many products containing phthalates. When PVC is just heated, it can release carcinogenic vapours in the air.
  • Reinforced Engineered Wood Stiles – stiles, rails and mounting frames made from sustainable wood, grown and processed in Australia, proudly supporting Australian forestry and manufacturing industries. Multiple layers of hardwood veneer are bonded together to strengthen the core of the stile providing a lifetime of durability and stability.
  • Superior Finish- Includes multiple hand sanding and finishing sequences for a richer, consistent and luxurious finish. Our most popular colours are coated with a durable, hardwearing and more environmentally friendly water-based paint system.
  • Designed and made in accordance with Toyota Production System principles. Focused on continuous improvement, eliminating waste and delivering consistent critical value to our customers.
  • Mortise and tenon joinery is used in the construction of all our shutters, including Woodlore Plus. This keeps your shutters square and true guaranteeing long term functionality.
  • 5 year ‘No Questions Asked’ warranty on all our shutters. Dependable and high quality, Norman shutters are covered by a comprehensive warranty for extra peace of mind. The warranty that even covers life’s little mishaps. If you break or damage it, we’ll offer a one-time repair or replacement, for free with no questions asked! See full details on the Product Warranty page.
  • Made using over 40 years of experience and excellence in crafting fine window furnishings. Has been sold in the Australian market for more than 20 years.